Yamaha MT-09 Gets a Fresh Look and Mechanical Improvements

Yamaha MT-09 Gets a Fresh Look and Mechanical Improvements

Yamaha has introduced a range of updates to its popular middleweight naked motorcycle, the MT-09, for the 2024 model year.

  • New Bridgestone tyres and a Brembo master cylinder
  • The tank now has acoustic vents that 'amplify' the exhaust note.

 Angular Face and Redesigned Tank

The most noticeable change is the new angular face of the motorcycle. Yamaha has replaced the previous bare LED headlight unit with a sleeker and sharper design. The tank has also undergone a redesign, and Yamaha claims that it has made the riding position slightly sportier.

Hardware Improvements

The 2024 MT-09 benefits from hardware enhancements including a Brembo master cylinder and new Bridgestone Hypersport S23 tires. Unlike the earlier model, both the rider and pillion now have separate seats. Additionally, there is a USB-C type charger located under the seat for added convenience.

Acoustic Amplifier Grille

One of the unique features of the updated MT-09 is the addition of an acoustic amplifier grille on top of the fuel tank. This grille is designed to amplify and transmit the exhaust note to the rider enhancing the auditory experience while riding. Yamaha has implemented a similar feature on the current MT-10.

Availability in India

While the updated Yamaha MT-09 is expected to arrive in India at some point, Yamaha's current focus is on introducing its 300cc models in the Indian market by December.

The 2024 Yamaha MT-09 is an exciting addition to Yamaha's motorbike range thanks to these upgrades which seek to provide riders with a fresher and sportier design, upgraded hardware components, and an increased aural experience.


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Which is better MT-09 or MT10?
2023-09-18 11:11:11 AM

If you have ambitions of tracking or touring get the MT-10. MT-10 is a more versatile platform that can be set up for touring cross country or stripped down and tear up the track. MT-09 is really meant for neither of those things (SP version is better suited for track) and is a great hooning and commuting bike.

Can I test ride the Yamaha MT-09 before purchasing?
2023-09-18 11:08:42 AM

Yes, you can! yamaha dealerships often let you take the Yamaha MT-09 for a spin before you make up your mind about buying it. It is like test-driving a car before you decide to purchase it in this way, you can see if it's comfortable and suits your needs. Just visit a Yamaha dealership and ask about test rides when you're interested in getting one.

What is the down payment of Yamaha MT-09?
2023-09-18 11:06:23 AM

If you are planning to buy a new bike on finance, then generally, 10 to 30 percent down payment is required on the on-road price of a bike. However, exact confirmation regarding EMI, down payment, interest, loan period and its procedure will be discussed by the bank or dealership only, as it depends upon individual eligibility. We would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest dealership to get exact information.

Does the Yamaha MT-09 have advanced technology?
2023-09-18 10:58:37 AM

Yes, it is likely to have some cool tech features. We don't have all the details yet, Yamaha typically adds modern technology to their bikes to improve the riding experience such as digital display showing important information about your ride, and possibly the ability to connect your smartphone to the bike for things like navigation or listening to music.