Toyota Urban SUV concept revealed; based on Maruti eVX

Toyota Urban SUV concept revealed; based on Maruti eVX

The Urban SUV concept will be built on a shared architecture with the Maruti eVX to facilitate greater economies of scale. This commonality will not be limited just to the platform or mechanicals, but will also include exterior body panels and interior trim, just as the existing shared models between both brands. The Urban SUV concept, which is expected to go into production worldwide the following year, indicates that Toyota may be entering the growing electric SUV market.

Key Features: Toyota Urban SUV Concept

  1. Indian Production: The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is set to be manufactured in India, marking a significant step in global production for the midsize electric SUV.
  2. Collaboration with Maruti eVX: Sharing the production line with the Maruti eVX, the Urban SUV leverages a collaborative approach, streamlining manufacturing processes and promoting synergy.
  3. Common Architecture: The concept emphasizes shared architecture not only in terms of the platform and mechanics but extends to exterior body panels and interior trim.
  4. Economies of Scale: By adopting a shared approach with the Maruti eVX, the Urban SUV aims to achieve economies of scale, fostering a cost-efficient production model.
  5. Global Debut: Anticipated to debut globally in the production version next year, the Urban SUV signifies Toyota's commitment to the electric SUV market on a worldwide scale.

Toyota has revealed that the Urban SUV concept will measures 4,300mm in length, 1,820mm in width and 1,620mm height which is quite similar to the Maruti eVX – the latter has the same length but is 20mm shorter in height and width. Both models are also expected to share the same 2,700mm wheelbase.
As far as styling is concerned, the concept looks quite similar to the newer crop of Toyota EVs such as bZ compact SUV concept that was showcased last year. It has edgy surfaces, wears C-shaped LED daytime running lamps up front and a minimalist-looking front bumper, has flared wheel arches and a typical upright SUV silhouette with a rugged appeal. The rear end is particularly very similar to the eVX. The doors and glass house also seem to be quite similar, although the rear door handles here are placed on the C-Pillar.  While the interior for the Toyota Urban SUV concept has not been revealed yet, Suzuki has given us a look at the eVX’s interior, and it will be safe to expect something similar for the Toyota version as well. It will have plenty of space and flexibility with packaging, thanks to the born-EV skateboard platform. The eVX-based SUV will also have plush interiors and a expansive list of creature comforts, safety features and tech. Toyota Urban SUV: platform and powertrain Just like the eVX, the Urban SUV from Toyota will sit on the 27PL skateboard platform that will be heavily localized and will be built in India at Suzuki’s Gujarat facility for both export and the domestic markets. This plant has a target to manufacture over 1.25 lakh vehicles annually, as we reported last year. There will be two battery pack options with the higher-spec variant offering 400km-plus range. Toyota says that the SUV will have both FWD and dual-motor AWD options for some markets. Toyota Urban SUV: launch timeline This SUV in its production form will be Toyota’s entry-point in its electric SUV line-up in markets like Europe. Toyota has said it is readying three EV SUVs for Europe and the made-in-India Urban SUV will be one of them. Two more electric SUVs, the bZ Sport Crossover and the Compact SUV Crossover, are also being readied by the brand for the European market. Expect Toyota to introduce the Urban SUV in our market a few months after the production-spec Suzuki eVX hits the showrooms sometime in 2024

Toyota Urban SUV Concept: Design & Dimensions

The Urban SUV concept borrows styling cues from Toyota bz4x including sleek LED headlamps with sealed-off nose featuring a gloss black panel. A thin LED stripe runs across the bonnet. Another highlight is a trapezoidal front bumper housing large air dams and side skirts.

Toyota’s reluctance towards electric mobility drew flak from some quarters but recently the Japanese auto giant is making efforts to make a space for itself in the battery-powered segment. The most significant step in this regard is the upcoming compact electric SUV which Toyota has co-developed alongside Suzuki.

The carmaker has now unveiled its own version of this upcoming electric SUV at its annual Kenshiki forum in Brussels, Belgium. Based on the same Suzuki’s 27PL skateboard platform as eVX, both SUVs will also share mechanicals, besides exterior panels and interior trims.