Tata Altroz Collides With a Roadside Shop; Passengers Safe (CCTV Footage Video)

Tata Altroz Collides With a Roadside Shop; Passengers Safe (CCTV Footage Video)

Tata Altroz is considered as one of India's safest cars, having received a 5-star rating for adult safety and a 3-star rating for child safety in a car crash test conducted by Global NCAP. Because of its excellent safety aspect, many Tata Altroz owners have regularly escaped unscathed in the case of a mishap. One such accident happened recently in Allahabad, UP and was recorded on CCTV. The video was shared by Prateek Singh on his Youtube channel. 

The brief video depicts a two-lane road with no physical barrier. The footage shows a reasonably empty road with fast-moving automobiles. Suddenly, a Tata Altroz enters the frame at high speed and skids out of control, crashing into a roadside shop. As we see in the clip, the Tata Altroz driver was driving at a high speed when he lost control of the car. The vehicle slammed into the shop’s pole and stopped. Fortunately, it results in no human casualties, either in the shop or in the car. 


The hit appears to have been pretty severe, and the front end of the automobile has caved in as a result of the impact. The bonnet has also folded in, and the front-left headlight has gone away. According to the footage, the airbags were released on time, preventing serious injury to the driver and passenger. Tata Altroz gets plenty of safety features like ABS, EBD, corner stability control, ISOFIX child seat anchors, speed alert system and many more. 

The Global NCAP report also mentioned that the Altroz offers good protection to the driver and co-passengers heads, necks, and knees, as well as adequate protection for the chest. Hence, it was not hard for the Altroz to keep the occupants safe. However, people should be careful and avoid rushing while driving.