Safety First: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Recall Announced!

Safety First: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Recall Announced!

Kawasaki has issued a recall for the Ninja ZX-4R in the United States to address a problem with damaged spark plugs. This issue has been linked to reports of rough and uneven idling, with some bikes experiencing unstable idle and engine stalls. The root cause of the problem has been identified as a fault with the tightening tool used during the installation of spark plugs, leading to their damage.

Impact and solution

The recall affects Ninja ZX-4R motorcycles manufactured between January 2023 and November 2023. Kawasaki has stated that the remedy involves replacing the damaged spark plugs with new ones, a service that will be provided free of cost to customers. Authorized Kawasaki dealers will be reaching out to affected customers to arrange for the replacement.

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R in India

Kawasaki launched the ZX-4R in India in September 2023, and it is currently the most expensive 400cc bike available in the country, priced at Rs 8.49 lakh (ex-showroom). The bike is powered by a 399cc inline-four engine that produces 79.5bhp at 14,000rpm and 37.6Nm at 12,500rpm. It is known for its rev-happy engine and distinctive inline-four sound.

In the Indian market, the Ninja ZX-4R does not have direct competition in terms of engine displacement at its price point. However, in terms of pricing, it is positioned close to the Kawasaki Ninja 650 and the upcoming Triumph Daytona 660, which is expected to be priced between Rs 9.5 lakh to 10 lakh (ex-showroom).

Kawasaki India has not yet confirmed whether any bikes sold in the country are affected by this recall. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.