Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 Quick Details and Live Photos

Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 Quick Details and Live Photos

The custom motorcycle scene is ripe all over the world. Customization is a very unique form of artistic expression that requires both engineering and an aesthetic eye. Building a custom engine is not for everyone. It necessitates painstaking precision and complicated engineering.

That is not possible in your average workshop with a welding machine. Auto Engina is a Pune-based custom bike builder and they have created the world's first 822cc parallel-twin Royal Enfield Himalayan in collaboration with Autologue Design, who have designed and developed the 3D-printed panels of this custom adventure motorcycle.

According to the details revealed by Autologue design, the body panels of Royal Enfield Himalayan 822 were fabricated and completed in just 40 days. The specially-crafted side body panels are expected to offer better wind protection to the rider in addition to improving the overall aerodynamics of the motorcycle.

The headlight of the stock model has been replaced by 250cc Husqvarna's LED unit for better illumination and to enhance the front look of the Himalayan 822. This modified version of the RE Himalayan was also on display at the Autologue Design's stand at the Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2022.

Coming to the technical part, Auto Engina did not take a pre-existing platform, such as the 650cc twin-cylinder engine from a Continental GT 650 and bored the cylinder heads to achieve 822cc. Instead, it combined two BS3 Himalayan 411cc cylinder heads into a single motor. The internal mechanism was then reworked to make it a parallel twin motor.

As a result, the two pistons are mounted to a custom-built crankshaft, and the firing order is set to 180 degrees. They even redesigned the valves over each cylinder head, requiring a custom-built camshaft. This 822cc parallel twin motor still has a five-speed transmission system accompanying it.

The power output (not dyno tested) is approximately 45-50HP. The torque is so high that Auto Engina claims the Himalayan 822 in second gear feels like a stock Himalayan in 3rd or 4th gear. That claim will be put to the test as soon as the bike gets a proper road test.

Because a larger engine produces more heat, the Himalayan 822 has a larger oil cooler. They borrowed it from the Royal Enfield 650cc twins, and both engines are carbureted as they are BS3.

A larger engine has resulted in a significant increase in weight. Without panniers and a top box, the Himalayan 822 weighs around 240kg (kerb). Auto Engina is working as a team with the popular design firm Autologue Design. They aim to build fifteen examples of the Himalayan 822 at a cost of approximately Rs 10 Lakh each. For further inquiries and details regarding the Royal Enfield Himalayan 822, you can contact:

Autologue Design (Pune)

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