Renault Plans to Introduce 5 New Cars and SUVs in the Next Three Years

Renault Plans to Introduce 5 New Cars and SUVs in the Next Three Years

Renault India is embarking on an ambitious journey as part of its Renaulution 2024 initiative, intending to introduce five new models by 2027 and this calculated decision establishes India as one of the primary hubs for the brand outside of Europe and highlights the French automaker's commitment to the Indian market. Renault plans to launch new models as part of this initiative but it is also planning major updates and additions to its current lineup which includes the Triber, Kiger, and Kwid.

Renault has demonstrated its dedication to improving the customer experience through the launch of a new customer experience strategy and the revitalization of its used car program which goes by the name "Renew." The business also intends to introduce its new brand identity throughout its network in 2024 with a complete integration into all models predicted by 2025.

New Models on the Horizon

Renault has confirmed that the upcoming Triber and Kiger will be among the five new launches, although specific details about their arrival timeline and updates are yet to be disclosed. The current Triber, a compact 7-seater that has been on the market for over four years, is expected to undergo a renewal, especially with increased competition in its segment. The Kiger introduced less than two years ago, is also poised for a refresh to stay competitive in the compact SUV space.

Another significant addition to Renault's lineup is expected to be the new Duster, based on the Bigster concept, and a 7-seat version, both utilizing the Renault-Nissan Alliance's modular CMF-B platform. While the styling may have some differences for the Indian market, the new Duster promises to retain the muscular design and upright stance that characterized its predecessor.

The fifth model in Renault's lineup will be a locally manufactured all-electric car, likely the Kwid EV and this move aligns with Renault's focus on promoting electric mobility, aiming for over 85-90% localization of parts and a competitive pricing strategy targeting the sub-10 lakh range.

2024 Renault India Range Updates

As part of the Renaulution 2024 initiative, Renault has implemented updates and new features across its current portfolio in India. Let's explore the changes in the pricing and features of the Kwid, Triber, and Kiger models:

Renault Kwid Prices (Ex-showroom, India)

Variant                                   2024 Price                       Old Price                   Difference
RXE                                         Rs 4.69 lakh                       Rs 4.69 lakh                -
RXL(O)                                    Rs 4.99 lakh                       Rs 5.21 lakh                Rs 22,000
RXL(O) AMT (NEW)                Rs 5.44 lakh                        -                                  -
RXT                                         Rs 5.50 lakh                       Rs 5.67 lakh                Rs 17,000
RXT AMT                                Rs 5.95 lakh                       Rs 6.12 lakh                Rs 17,000
Climber                                  Rs 5.87 lakh                        Rs 5.87 lakh                -
Climber AMT                          Rs 6.32 lakh                        Rs 6.32 lakh                -

Renault has introduced new features and color options for the Kwid, with the Climber variant offering five dual-tone exterior color options. The RXL(O) trim now includes an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen and a 5-speed AMT option, making it the most affordable hatchback with a touchscreen and the most affordable automatic car in India. Select variants have seen price reductions of up to Rs 22,000.

Renault Triber Prices (Ex-showroom, India)

Variant                                2024 Prices                                  Old Prices                            Difference
RXE                                      Rs 6.00 lakh                                   Rs 6.34 lakh                          Rs 34,000
RXL                                      Rs 6.80 lakh                                   Rs 7.10 lakh                          Rs 30,000
RXT                                      Rs 7.61 lakh                                   Rs 7.61 lakh                          -
RXT AMT                             Rs 8.13 lakh                                    Rs 8.13 lakh                          -
RXZ                                      Rs 8.23 lakh                                   Rs 8.23 lakh                          -
RXZ AMT                             Rs 8.75 lakh                                    Rs 8.75 lakh                          -

Renault has enhanced the Triber's features, introducing a driver's seat armrest, powered ORVMs, a 7-inch driver's display, a wireless charger, LED cabin lights, and a new black exterior color option. The RXT variant now includes a rear camera and a rear wiper, while the RXL variant offers dedicated AC control and vents for the second and third rows. Price reductions of up to Rs 34,000 are applied to lower variants.

Renault Plans to Introduce 5 New Cars and SUVs in the Next Three Years - midground
Renault Triber

Renault Kiger Prices (Ex-showroom, India)

Variant                             2024 Prices                        Old Prices                          Difference
RXE                                   Rs 6.00 lakh                         Rs 6.50 lakh                        Rs 50,000
RXL                                   Rs 6.60 lakh                          -                                          -
RXL AMT                          Rs 7.10 lakh                          -                                           -
RXT                                  Rs 7.50 lakh                          Rs 7.92 lakh                        Rs 42,000
RXT AMT                          Rs 8.00 lakh                         Rs 8.47 lakh                         Rs 47,000
RXT(O)                             Rs 8.00 lakh                          Rs 8.00 lakh                         -
RXT(O) AMT                     Rs 8.50 lakh                          Rs 8.55 lakh                        Rs 5,000
RXT(O) Turbo                   Rs 9.30 lakh                          Rs 9.45 lakh                        Rs 15,000
RXT(O) Turbo CVT           Rs 10.30 lakh                         Rs 10.45 lakh                      Rs 15,000
RXZ                                  Rs 8.80 lakh                           Rs 8.80 lakh                        -
RXZ AMT                         Rs 9.30 lakh                           Rs 9.35 lakh                       Rs 5,000
RXZ Turbo                       Rs 10.00 lakh                         Rs 10.00 lakh                     -
RXZ Turbo CVT               Rs 11.00 lakh                          Rs 11.00 lakh                     -

Renault Plans to Introduce 5 New Cars and SUVs in the Next Three Years - angle
Renault Kiger

The Kiger receives notable updates, with the base RXE model becoming significantly more affordable, now priced Rs 50,000 lower than before. New features include puddle lamps on the auto-folding powered ORVMs, an auto-dimming inside rear-view mirror, LED cabin lights, and red brake callipers for turbo-petrol variants. The Kiger RXT(O) now includes automatic climate control and powered ORVMs, while the RXZ trim now features cruise control.


Renault's Renaulution 2024 program which brings new models and a renewed emphasis on brand identification and customer experience is a big step forward in the company's commitment to the Indian market. Renault's ability to adjust to market trends and maintain its competitiveness in the ever-changing Indian automotive industry is exemplified by the upgrades made to the Kwid, Triber, and Kiger models and the launch of an economical electric vehicle in India bolsters Renault's goal of providing accessible and sustainable mobility options.