Rad Render of New Maruti Suzuki Dzire: Inspired by 4th Gen Swift

Rad Render of New Maruti Suzuki Dzire: Inspired by 4th Gen Swift

4th generation Swift has broken covers globally as a hot hatch that bears design semblance with Mini Countryman. We can expect the same vehicle to launch in India too. However, its sub 4m sedan counterpart, Dzire, is yet to be revealed by Maruti Suzuki. Autobics have come up with their version of 4th gen Dzire that does paint a pretty picture.

Maruti Suzuki's Swift and Dzire have long shared a platform, with the latter evolving into a distinct entity after the launch of the 3rd gen Swift.  Autobics, in their latest render, stays true to this philosophy, envisioning the next-gen Dzire that mirrors Maruti Suzuki's design ethos. Lower bumper has aggressive cuts and creases lending a sporty appeal. 5-spoke alloy wheels are different from the ones seen with 4th gen Swift. The side profile is where Dzire massively differs from Swift. Dzire has new pillars, and new front and rear doors and windows. There is chrome lining across window line, elevating sophisticated appeal of this render.

Differs in profile when compared to Swift

Rear pays tribute to current Dzire, but there are many new elements. Rear section is all Autobic’s work and looks in unison with Maruti Suzuki’s design language. The tail lights on this new Maruti Suzuki Dzire render are different from 4th gen Swift. Owing to sedan space, this render lacks the sporty smoked treatment for tail lights that Swift gets. There is a tamer rear bumper as well. On the inside, Dzire will get identical features and attributes to 4th gen Swift. Overall dashboard is the same as before, with major changes with central part. There are new centre AC vents, larger 9-inch infotainment screen and new toggle-style automatic climate control panel from larger Marutis.

Key Features

  1. A Familiar Fascia: 4th Gen Swift's Influence: Autobics' render captures the essence of the 4th gen Swift's bold and dynamic design, especially in the front fascia.
  2. Striking Headlights and Suzuki Logo Placement: Autobics' attention to detail extends to the headlights, featuring L-shaped or boomerang-shaped LED DRLs reminiscent of the 4th gen Swift.
  3. Clamshell Bonnet Redefined: Muscularity and Dynamism: Autobics' render introduces a redefined clamshell bonnet, enhancing the muscularity of the Dzire's front end.
  4. Inspiration from Mini Countryman: A Unique Touch: One of the standout features highlighted in the article is the inspiration drawn from the Mini Countryman.
  5. Sedan Elegance: Rear Section Distinction: Autobics maintains the sedan shape of the Dzire, ensuring a distinct rear section that sets it apart from its hatchback counterpart.
  6. Suzuki's Logo Placement: a Modern Statement: Autobics' decision to place Suzuki's logo outside the grille serves as a modern design statement.
  7. Autobics' Vision and Maruti Suzuki's Design Legacy: In conclusion, the article reflects on Autobics' render of the next-gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire, acknowledging the seamless integration of 4th gen Swift's design charisma. Autobics' attention to detail, from the grille to the clamshell bonnet, showcases a vision that could align with Maruti Suzuki's design legacy.

New Maruti Suzuki Dzire 

It is common knowledge that Maruti Suzuki sells two versions of the same vehicle in two different segments. We’re talking about Swift and Dzire. However, when 3rd gen Swift was launched, Maruti took an extra step and created a new identity for Dzire by shedding Swift name. Not just that, Dzire had a different profile with different doors and pillars. Front fascia, on the other hand, was shared between both models with negligible variations.

Rad Render of New Maruti Suzuki Dzire: Inspired by 4th Gen Swift - close up
New Maruti Suzuki Dzire 

Alloy wheel design was different and there was a different rear section altogether, owing to Dzire’s sedan shape. Autobics have stuck to this ethos when rendering the new Dzire too. The results Autobics have achieved seem like what Maruti Suzuki themselves, would arrive at. The fascia is identical to 4th gen Swift’s with a large grill that is heavily inspired by Mini Countryman. Headlights have L-shaped or boomerang-shaped LED DRLs, identical to Swift’s. With the new gen model, Suzuki logo is now outside its grill. Clamshell bonnet is all new and looks more muscular than before.

Powertrain will be shared with Swift. The new 1.2L 3-cylinder Z-series NA petrol engine generates 82 bhp of peak power and 108 Nm of peak torque. Performance metrics are lower than current K-Series 4-cylinder engine. But there is an increase in fuel efficiency up to 24.5 km/l. Maruti Suzuki will launch Swift in early 2024 and Dzire will follow later.