New Hyundai Verna Scores Zero Stars in Latin NCAP Car Crash Test

New Hyundai Verna Scores Zero Stars in Latin NCAP Car Crash Test

The Hyundai Verna, which is being sold in global markets with Accent badging, has recently been tested at Latin NCAP. And with utter disappointment, the car has failed to score even a single star in this car crash test. It is noteworthy that Latin American NCAP tests cars that are sold in Latin America; hence, the base variant of the Hyundai Accent (Verna in India) was tested, which is equipped with a driver-side airbag and ABS but lacks the ESC feature.

The Hyundai Verna being sold in India is a made-in-India car, and it is different from the one manufactured at Hyundai’s Mexico facility. While speaking of the car crash test, there were multiple tests performed, like frontal impact, side-impact, whiplash and pedestrian protection. As per the scores announced by the Latin NCAP, the Hyundai Verna gets 9.23% in adult occupant protection, 12.68% in child occupant protection, 53.11% in pedestrian protection, and 6.98% for safety assist.

Though the car scored zero for safety, it was also revealed by the watchdog that its bodyshell and footwell area stayed persistent after the attack. In the frontal collision, the front passenger had poor protection, while in the side collision, the head and chest demonstrated marginal protection, but the abdomen showed adequate protection and the pelvic showed good protection. When it comes to whiplash protection, there was marginal protection demonstrated for the neck.

It also needs to be mentioned that owing to the absence of a child restraint system in the tested variant, Verna was unable to perform well in child safety. Similarly, a lack of autonomous emergency braking and ESC results in poor pedestrian protection ratings. It is noteworthy here that the Hyundai Verna sold in India comes equipped with dual airbags as standard. The India-made Verna has not gone through any form of NCAP car crash tests yet.

Data Source: Latin NCAP