All-New Benelli 302S to Replace TNT 300 in India by End 2018

All-New Benelli 302S to Replace TNT 300 in India by End 2018

A recent report confirms that Benelli 302S will be the first product to arrive in India after the successful collaboration between Mahavir Group and Benelli QJ. The model is an improved version of TNT 300, slated as a replacement for the slow-selling, most affordable Benelli motorcycle of India. The tag came on its side after the discontinuation of TNT 25 from the Indian market. The process for bringing 302S will be quick enough to surprise fans with this sharp streetfighter before the end of 2018. The best time for its debut will be around the festive season. Missing this timeline can prove fatal for the brand. [caption id="attachment_247081" align="aligncenter" width="872"]Benelli 302S to Replace TNT 300 Benelli 302S to Replace TNT 300 in India by End 2018[/caption] The model, as its name clears, is a naked version of Benelli 302R. It will be assembled alongside the fully faired motorcycle in the new Benelli Hyderabad plant. The use of the CKD route may not prove as impressive as before, with Kawasaki presenting a fully faired Ninja 300 at a much lower INR 2.98 lakh price tag. As Benelli bikes sometimes share some design lines with other popular bikes, 302S has a Duke 390 inspired front headlight with almost similar daytime running lights. Although, a majority of parts are different in terms of design and functionality. The motorcycle comes with an all-digital console, sharper tank shrouds and relaxed handlebar for perfect city riding position. As most working parts are similar to TNT300, one may not expect considerable changes in terms of output. Benelli will share parts among both bikes, further bringing chances of an upgrade to 302R’s console that feels dated in comparison to rivals. The front of 302S comes with USD forks, dual front disc brakes and twin exhaust pipes from the engine. The seat design will vary between both motorcycles as 302R comes with split race inspired seat in place of a single long unit.

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Why Benelli TNT 300 is made so heavy? Why are they not using lighter parts like other manufacturers?
2022-12-29 06:08:30 AM
The main reason behind TNT's weight is its engine design. Massive crank cases have been used to make it appealing which has added to the overall weight. When it comes to weight reduction then companies use carbon fibre body parts instead of metal ones. Along with that, the engine, power train weight and design of the crank case plays a major role. Even a Trellis frame is known to help in weight reduction of the bike. But a trellis frame cannot withstand pulsating impact that occurs when the bike encounters an obstacle. But despite the heavy weight, TNT 300 is a  much sought after bike.
Which is the best one: Benelli TNT 300 or KTM Duke 390?
2022-12-29 06:00:21 AM
KTM Duke 390 is the best bike when compared to Benelli TNT 300. Benelli offers its twin cylinder 300 cc machine with 37.73 BHP and 26.5 NM of torque at a price of INR 2,97,000 whereas a more powerful 373.2 cc engine from KTM provides 43 BHP and 35 NM of torque at INR 1,95,000. KTM Duke is lighter, faster and more precised when it comes to cornering whereas TNT 300 is more like a street inspired sport tourer from its riding style.
How much mileage will the Benelli TNT 300 give in New Delhi roads?
2022-12-29 05:56:33 AM
Benelli TNT 300 will return a city mileage figure of 25 kmpl in Delhi. You can switch off the bike on red lights to save fuel whereas riding between 60-70 kmpl, if possible, would get you the best out of its 300 cc, 37.73 BHP and 26.5 NM engine. The twin cylinder motor is good for a top speed of 154 kmph and comes with a 6-speed gearbox. The 16 liter fuel tank is good for 400 km stretch and the bike comes with a price tag of INR 2,83,000.
Which one is better - Kawasaki Ninja 300 or Benelli TNT 300?
2022-12-29 05:28:26 AM
Kawasaki Ninja 300, because number of service centres are more than Benelli and Ninja 300 is better in terms of looks. Another thing is that Benelli has not launched the TNT 300 yet and it will only be clear after the launch that how many sales and service centres are they planning across India and what would be the cost of spare parts.

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