Maruti Brezza-Based Toyota Urban Cruiser Scores 4-Star Safety Rating

Maruti Brezza-Based Toyota Urban Cruiser Scores 4-Star Safety Rating

Global safety watchdog, GNCAP tested Indian cars recently and the Maruti-Brezza based Toyota Urban Cruiser was also among these all. In the current evaluation campaign, the agency is testing the vehicles on the basis of frontal crash protection for the occupants, not the side impact. The Urban Cruiser is installed with 2 airbags, front seatbelt pre-tensioners, SBR, ABS and ISOFIX anchorage is also provided. It doesn’t have the side head/body airbags nor the driver knee airbags. Here is a detailed summary of its safety standards and how well it did against all the tests.

Toyota's compact SUV scored a 4-star rating for adult occupants and 3 stars for child occupants. The model used for the tests was Toyota Urban Cruiser (RHD) 5 Door SUV, which weighed 1324 kg. It got an adult occupant rating of 13.52 out of 17 and 36.68 out of 49 for the child occupant. The crash tests were performed at a speed of 64 km/h and the body shell was deemed stable after the test.

Maruti Brezza-Based Toyota Urban Cruiser Scores 4-Star Safety Rating

The protection for the driver and passenger's head and neck was good. The chest area protection for the driver showed adequate protection, whereas the passenger chest area had good protection. Driver’s knees and passenger’s right knee had marginal protection but the left knee (passenger) had good protection. The risk of getting hit around the dashboard area is there as to the presence of multiple structures around it.

As for child occupant safety, the child seat for the 3-year-old was FWF with ISOFIX anchorages and TT preventing the excessive forward head movement. Although it had low neck protection and fair neck protection. The 1.5-year-old child seat was RWF with ISOFIX anchorages and support leg offering good protection to the head and chest.

The recommended CRS had no compatibility issues and the CRS marking was permanent. Toyota UC provides a lap belt in the rear centre position and the ISOFIX are as per standard.