Kia Seltos Turbo Petrol iMT: Real-World Mileage Revealed

Kia Seltos Turbo Petrol iMT: Real-World Mileage Revealed

The Kia Seltos has established itself as a formidable contender in the compact SUV segment in India since its debut. The introduction of the updated Seltos, featuring a new 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine paired with a 6-speed clutch-less manual gearbox (iMT) has sparked interest in its performance and efficiency. Based on extensive city and highway fuel economy testing, this report explores the Seltos turbo petrol iMT's real-world fuel efficiency and offers insightful information to prospective purchasers.

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Kia Seltos 

Engine and Gearbox

The heart of the 2024 Kia Seltos iMT is a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine, which has taken the place of the older 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine. The older engine was phased out in March 2023 as it could not comply with the BS6 Phase 2 emission norms. The 1.4-liter engine was significantly surpassed by the new 1.5-liter engine, which now produces 158 horsepower and 253 Nm of torque—a gain of 20 horsepower and 11 Nm. This engine is mated to either a six-speed iMT or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. This research focuses on the iMT variation which offers a convenient and powerful combination for daily driving.

Real-World Mileage

The real-world fuel efficiency of the Kia Seltos turbo petrol iMT was evaluated through extensive tests in both city and highway conditions. In the city driving test, which covered a distance of 80km, the Seltos consumed 8.67 litres of petrol, resulting in a real-world mileage of 9.20kmpl. The driver's display indicated an average fuel efficiency of 10.3kmpl. For the highway test, the vehicle was driven for approximately 90km on the expressway, consuming 5.53 litres of fuel. This translated to a tested mileage of 16.03kmpl, with the mileage displayed on the MID being 17.60kmpl.

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Kia Seltos 

The Kia Seltos turbo petrol iMT emerges as a strong contender in the compact SUV segment offering a commendable balance of performance and fuel efficiency. With a real-world city mileage of 9.20kmpl and highway mileage of 16.03kmpl, it stands as a viable option for buyers seeking a turbocharged petrol engine with decent fuel economy. With improved power and torque numbers, the Seltos remains a popular choice among a broad spectrum of consumers making it an even more alluring package in the cutthroat SUV market.