Kia Dealer Punished for Delivering Old Seltos Model - Report

Kia Dealer Punished for Delivering Old Seltos Model - Report

A recent case has surfaced online which involves a Kia Seltos owner who claims that the dealer Nagashanti, KIA (Hubballi, Karnataka) delivered an older model of Seltos SUV to him. The District Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum found the allegations to be true and ruled in favour of the Seltos owner.

Nagaraj Patil reserved a Kia Seltos HTK+G Smartstream 1.5 litre petrol car with Facelift+ Muffler Bumper on May 28, 2020. The owner reported no problems with the delivery, which took place on July 2, 2020. Even the owner had his first service performed at the dealership.

After about a month, the owner became suspicious. He discovered through internet research that the car delivered to him was the old Seltos HTK+ 1.5 model, not the new model that was launched on June 2, 2020.

As a result, the owner contacted the dealer and requested a replacement. Assurances were given that the matter would be investigated and a resolution would be provided. The dealer refused to replace the vehicle later. They made some offers, such as a Rs 23,000 extended warranty and equipping the car with the same features as the new model. But the owner insisted on a replacement, which the dealer refused. The owner then decided to contact the District Consumer Forum.

The District Consumer Forum ruled in favour of the complainant after hearing from both parties. The consumer forum identified many points as evidence of unfair trade practices and a lack of service on the part of the Kia dealer.

To compensate the Kia Seltos owner, the consumer forum has presented the dealership with the following options:

  1. Return the old model and deliver the new model, as requested by the complainant.
  2. If a new model is not available, provide the complainant with another new variant from which to choose. Any extra amount applicable to the new variant may be levied against the complainant.
  3. Refund the entire amount of Rs 14,85,110, plus 8% interest per year from the date of delivery to the final payment date.

The dealer has been ordered to pay the complainant Rs 1 lakh for the inconvenience and mental anguish, and Rs 10,000 in litigation costs.