Hyundai Creta Owner Beaten At The Dealership; Staff Fired From Their Jobs

Hyundai Creta Owner Beaten At The Dealership; Staff Fired From Their Jobs

Recently, a new Creta owner claimed to have been beaten at Hyundai’s service centre. A Youtube video, as well as a tweet by Arun Panwar, went viral, and people started demanding justice for Ajit Singh, who was mistreated at Hyundai India's authorised dealership – JMV Hyundai, situated at Sohna-Gurgaon Rd. Meanwhile, a police complaint has been filed against the dealership. Once again, Arun Panwar has tweeted with an update.

Hyundai Creta Owner Beaten At The Dealership; Staff Fired From Their Jobs - photo

But before we share further info, let us tell you the reason for this misbehaving. According to Ajit Singh, his newly bought Hyundai Creta started having issues and, hence, he posted a video on Youtube, though the dealership reverted to him and helped in fixing the problem. But after resolving the issue, the dealership asked him to take off that Youtube video, but he refused to do so since he wanted to show the vehicle’s review to aspiring customers. To put pressure on Ajit, the dealer filed a police complaint as well. 


This matter was going on, and his car started giving problems once again. Therefore, he contacted the Hyundai showroom again, but this time when he visited there, the staff was on lunch break and no one was there. Then he started waiting there and posted an update on social media. After some time, as claimed by him, 10-15 people came, took away his phone and started beating him. Somehow, he managed to call the police for help. 

When police got on the scene, they photographed him at the dealership. Ajit was transported to the police station and, subsequently, to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries. Ajit alleges that the entire incident was captured on the dealership's CCTV and has asked Hyundai India to look into it further. The entire scenario, from buying the Creta to the recent incident, is in the video. 

As per Arun Panwar’s latest Tweet, the matter has been resolved. Hyundai India and the aforementioned dealer have both taken action. The employees who assaulted a Hyundai client at the dealership have been dismissed. Also, Ajit Singh was compensated and apologised for by the Hyundai dealership owner.

Source - RushLane