Detailed Comparison: Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900

Detailed Comparison: Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900

Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900: CBR650F is the only inline-4 cylinder option among other faired 650cc bikes of India. This makes it really special as India loves fully faired bikes more than any other type. Most of us will compare it with Ninja 650 and feel the same that the bike is overpriced but in reality, placing it higher brings a new rival to its surroundings. Here we compare the Honda CBR650F with Kawasaki Z900. The only point to consider is price as no other product between INR 7-8 lakh has the charm that both of these have on offer. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="906"]Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900 Honda CBR650F[/caption]

# Price Comparison

2018 Honda CBR650F is priced at INR 7.38 lakh whereas Kawasaki Z900 can be bought for INR 7.68 lakh. Both the prices are ex-showroom and thus, will carry almost the same amount (INR 1,000-2,000 more for Z900) of road-tax and insurance value. One of them could overpower the other if their respective brand has something special on offer like free accessories or insurance.

# Engine Size

The engine size of Honda CBR650F plus adding a whole Ninja 300 will result in a number that is smaller in displacement from Kawasaki Z900. A huge 300cc difference would definitely divert buyers into Green team. Z900 uses a 948cc, four cylinder engine producing 125 HP at 9500 rpm and 98.6 Nm at 7700 rpm. CBR650F uses a 648cc, four cylinder engine producing 85 HP at 11000 rpm and 60.5 Nm at 8500 rpm. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1440"]Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900 Kawasaki Z900[/caption]

# Riding Nature

As CBR650F revs up to 11,000 rpm for its maximum power, riders will have more fun revving the same till the end. Kawasaki rider will need a gear change at 9500 rpm for best performance while Honda rider will get the extra 1500 rpm to enjoy that top end grunt. On the other side, Kawasaki is lighter by 8 kg and offers almost 40 HP as well as 38 NM of more power and torque in numbers. This makes it a clear winner in performance department.

# Aerodynamics

Honda CBR650F comes with a fully faired design and that makes it a winner in this department. Rider gets more wind protection and climbs bigger number on the upper side of the speedometer. Wind will pose a threat to Kawasaki Z900 rider while rival can get down and enjoy this speed. With proper gear, Kawasaki Z900 will bring a bigger top speed number than the CBR rider. Z900 gets 240+ kmph of top speed while CBR starts dying above 220 kmph.

Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900

Quick Specs & Price Comparison

Honda CBR650F Kawasaki Z900
Displacement 648.72 cc 948cc
Transmission 6-Speed 6-Speed
No. of Cylinders 4-Cylinder 4-Cylinder
Max. Power 85 HP @ 11000 rpm 125 HP @ 9500 rpm
Max. Torque 60.5 NM @ 8500 rpm 98.6 NM @ 7700 rpm
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection Fuel Injection
Engine Cooling Liquid-Cooled Liquid-Cooled
Engine Type Inline-4 Inline-4
Top Speed 220 kmph (Approx.) 240 kmph (Approx.)
Mileage 15-20 kmpl (Approx.) 14-18 kmpl (Claimed)
Price (Ex-Delhi) INR 7.38 Lakh INR 7.68 Lakh

# Comfort and Seating

For those who are looking forward to ride with a pillion, CBR650F is a better option among these two. Honda has comfortable seating with a single long seat with least slope while Kawasaki Z900 has a small divided seat with much higher pillion seat height. Both the bikes are easy to control when it comes to city riding. CBR650F behaves gently and slips away with minimum roar.

Dimensions & Weight

Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900
Honda CBR650F Kawasaki Z900
Length 2107 mm 2065 mm
Width 753 mm 825 mm
Height 1149 mm 1065 mm
Wheelbase 1449 mm 1450 mm
Ground Clearance 133 mm 130 mm
Seat Height 810 mm 795 mm
Kerb Weight 216 kg 208 kg
Fuel Tank 17.3 litres 17 litres
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="568"]Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900 Honda CBR650F Instrument Console[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="569"]Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900 Kawasaki Z900 Instrument Console[/caption]

Brakes & Suspension

Honda CBR650F Kawasaki Z900
Brakes (F) 320 mm Dual Discs 300 mm Dual Discs
Brakes (R) 240 mm Single Disc 250 mm Single Disc
Suspension (F) Conventional Forks USD Front Forks
Suspension (R) Adjustable Monoshock Adjustable Monoshock
ABS 2-Channel ABS 2-Channel ABS

Frame & Tyres

Honda CBR650F vs Kawasaki Z900
Honda CBR650F Kawasaki Z900
Frame Steel Diamond Twin Tube Frame
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR-17 120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tyre 180/55 ZR-17 180/55 ZR17
Front Wheel 17-inch 17-inch
Rear Wheel 17-inch 17-inch

# Verdict

Both the bikes belong to two different rider tastes. This helps making choice easy for an individual rider. Kawasaki Z900 is a winner here with loads of value for money features on offer as stock. Honda CBR650F is for those who love occasional highway touring and that big bike charm. But if we consider only these two features as important, saving INR 2 lakh and going for Ninja 650F will also be a smart choice. Just to make CBR650F feel a real deal in India, Honda should consider rivaling the actual enemy by switching the import type and bringing the CBR650F down to INR 60-6.5 lakh. US price for Ninja 650 and CBR650F differs by just $950. Charging INR 2 lakh in India has ruined its actual space. Honda once accidentally changed the price to INR 6.67 lakh.