GoGoA1 Electric Hero Splendor With 151 Km Mileage Gets Approval

GoGoA1 Electric Hero Splendor With 151 Km Mileage Gets Approval

EV is the future in terms of environment-friendly coexistence, and the conversion of the existing ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) based units is the next big step towards a safer ecosystem. With the increase in EV sales and the interest shifting towards their use, we are still far from going free from fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

And a complete ban on such smoke machines is not completely practical or even achievable. So our best option is to switch systematically to the better alternatives, and the conversion kit is one such measure that has now got ARAI sanction on it, at least for the Hero Splendor.

The conversion kit is made by the GoGo A1 Motors Pvt. Ltd. which is a Mumbai based OEM/ODM and Supplier of Electric and Solar powered vehicles and their components. Being the only RTO approved and now an approved ARAI supplier, the kit was launched last year in September by them.

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The approval certificate for the conversion kit will remain valid for 3 years from the date it is issued. It will be subjected to all the amendments that might be introduced in CMV rules in the future. If any new changes are made to the kit, the manufacturer will have to apply for the recertification of the conversion kit, and the manufacturer will be responsible for the proper fitment, maintenance, and functioning of the unit.

GoGo A1 manufactured kit will be an immense help for people looking forward to transitioning into electric vehicles and improving the lives of their Splendor motorcycles. The conversion kit can add an estimate of 5-7 years to the motorcycles that are 10 years or older. After conversion to EV, the motorcycle will be considered out of the scope of the new scrappage policy.

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Since the launch of the kit, a huge demand for the unit has been witnessed. The company has expanded to Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Gujrat, and Maharashtra and has over 50 franchises across major cities all over the country. The services provided by them include conversion kit, installation and fitment, leasing a vehicle and battery swapping.

GoGo A1 made a kit for Splendor that was offered at Rs 35,000 at the time of its launch, excluding the battery pack. The price including the battery pack will be around Rs 95,000. They claim a fully charged Hero Splendor EV to have a range of 151 km. The price of the conversion kit might get higher now compared to its price at the moment of its launch.