Force Gurkha 5-Door Teased – Compete with Thar Armada, Jimny

Force Gurkha 5-Door Teased – Compete with Thar Armada, Jimny

Once considered a specialized niche, the lifestyle off-road segment is now flourishing. The launch of the first wave of lifestyle adventure off-road vehicles has attracted more audiences than ever before, allowing this segment to self-sustain. Force Motors is set to contribute to this trend with the upcoming launch of the Gurkha 5-Door, which has been teased for the first time.

Force Gurkha 5-Door Teased – Compete with Thar Armada, Jimny - photo
Force Gurkha 5-Door Side View

Force Gurkha 5-Door: A Glimpse into the Future

The Gurkha 5-Door is part of a new wave of lifestyle 4X4s that offer the practicality of five doors. This wave is currently led by Maruti Suzuki with the launch of the Jimny in India. In the competition between Mahindra and Force Motors, the Gurkha 5-Door is poised to make a significant impact. With the teaser revealing its side profile, the Gurkha 5-Door showcases its old-school and boxy G-Class-inspired proportions.

Anticipated Launch and Features

Force Motors is expected to launch the Gurkha 5-Door before Mahindra's anticipated Thar 5-Door launch on 15th August 2024, potentially giving Force Motors a headstart. The Gurkha 5-Door is likely to be based on a modified version of the ladder-frame chassis used for the Gurkha 3-Door and other Force vehicles. It is expected to feature a more passenger-vehicle (PV) specific dashboard and interior elements, along with a possible aftermarket infotainment system and more features than its 3-Door counterpart.

Force Gurkha 5-Door Teased – Compete with Thar Armada, Jimny - image
Force Gurkha 5-Door Rear 3-Quarter View

Superior Road Presence and Off-Road Hardware

The Gurkha 5-Door will stand out with its superior road presence and off-road hardware compared to the Thar and Jimny. Notable features include a functional roof rack, a snorkel as standard, 18-inch wheels, circular G-Class-inspired headlights with DRLs, fender-mounted LED turn indicators, and a prominent Gurkha badge.

Mechanical Specifications

Under the hood, the Gurkha 5-Door will be powered by the same 2.6L FM CR turbo diesel engine found in other Force vehicles. However, enthusiasts are hopeful for a more enthusiastic engine tuning than the 90 bhp and 250 Nm offered in the Gurkha 3-Door. The vehicle will also feature a 5-speed gearbox, standard 4X4 transfer case, and mechanically locking differentials at the front and rear ensuring its prowess in off-road conditions.