Delivery Gone Wrong: Volkswagen Virtus Crashed Outside The Showroom

Delivery Gone Wrong: Volkswagen Virtus Crashed Outside The Showroom

When there is a lot of traffic at a dealership, the chances of something going wrong increase. Sometimes the dealership staff is to blame, while other times customers who have come to the dealership for delivery are to blame.

A Volkswagen Virtus was recently seen crashed on the road in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, in front of a dealership. It appears that a new car delivery went wrong, causing the Virtus to fall 6-7 feet and crash its nose on the road.

As previous cases have revealed, many of these incidents at dealerships were caused by customers. Obtaining a driver's licence in the country is simple, but it does not make one a better driver. The sloping driveway in front of the dealership appears to have played a role in the accident.

The excitement of taking delivery and other distractions may cause users to make mistakes. Another reason for such incidents could be a failure to comprehend the advanced features. The powerful engines are now available in new cars such as the Virtus.

The crash angle reveals that the car most likely rolled down the driveway. This has ensured that the car's damages are minor. All the glasses are intact, indicating that the impact of the crash was not severe enough to cause major damage to the car's vital components.

The front bumper and then the front wheels took a lot of the impact from the crash. The car is unlikely to sustain structural damage.

The car stopped on its nose and did not crash completely onto the road, which is a good thing. If that had happened, the car's rear end could have suffered significant damage. There aren't even any scratches on the side or back.

These parts are as good as new. The front bumper, grille, lighting, bonnet, and side fenders will all need to be repaired. Some of the undercarriage components may need to be replaced. Here are some more photos from the dealership:




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