Classic Legends Expected to Launch the New Yezdi Motorcycles in India Today

Classic Legends Expected to Launch the New Yezdi Motorcycles in India Today

Yezdi enthusiasts in India have been waiting for word on when Classic Legends will reintroduce the resurrected brand to the market. Back in 2019, Yezdi opened its official Instagram account with an announcement about some amazing new t-shirts with classic patterns. But after that, there was no update on the brand’s social media channels and now on November 10, 2021, Jawa officially made a tweet and announced the separation by posting, “we have disowned our own—the original bad boy. Head over to the infamous @yezdiforever to check out the notorious #yezdiforever.”

As we reported earlier, the launch of the new-gen Yezdi motorcycles is expected to take place today - November 15, 2021 - which marks the fourth anniversary of Classic Legends in the Indian two-wheeler market.

While visiting the brand-new Yezdi Forever Twitter handle, we’ve found two brief videos, each of which lasts only a few seconds. The first displays illustrations of three iconic Yezdi motorcycles and the words “Yezdi Forever” in large yellow letters against a white background. The second retains the yellow “Yezdi Forever” logo but with a sequence of black-and-white pictures of proud vintage Yezdi owners on their bikes. Although the Twitter account was created in 2020, there are no posts from previous years, indicating that it is a new account.


Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that in the past few days, new Yezdi bike test mules have also been spotted testing. Hence, it’s evident that the company’s efforts to introduce new motorcycles to the public are picking up speed. Can we interpret Jawa’s news about Yezdi going its own way as Yezdi bikes not being sold at Jawa dealerships, but instead having their own showroom and servicing centres, or is it just about the brand’s social media presence? It’s probably too soon to say, but we’ll keep an eye out for official updates from the brand.