BMW Introduces Advanced Driving Technology for 7 Series

BMW Introduces Advanced Driving Technology for 7 Series


BMW is poised to revolutionize the driving experience of their prestigious 7 Series automobiles with the introduction of an innovative technology known as 'BMW Personal Pilot L3.' This cutting-edge feature, categorized as Level 3 highly automated driving, is meticulously designed to elevate both the convenience and safety aspects of the driving experience.

Order and Installation

 Details Commencing from December, discerning customers in Germany will have the option to integrate the 'BMW Personal Pilot L3' technology as an add-on for select 7 Series models. The actual implementation of this groundbreaking technology into vehicles is scheduled to commence from March of the subsequent year. To partake in this futuristic driving experience, interested customers can avail themselves of this advanced option, albeit at an estimated cost of EUR6,000.

Functionality of Level 3 Automation

 The 'BMW Personal Pilot L3' assumes control of specific driving functions in predetermined situations, granting drivers the ability to temporarily disengage from the active steering of the vehicle. This encompasses tasks such as managing the car's speed, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and ensuring precise lane positioning. Notably, this functionality is particularly pertinent for speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mph) on highways characterized by structurally separated carriageways.

Distinctive Features of Level 3 Automation

In a departure from previous levels of automation, Level 3 automation extends the freedom for drivers to redirect their focus towards other in-vehicle activities. This proves especially beneficial when navigating slow-moving traffic or during the daily motorway commute. The activation and deactivation of Level 3 automation are seamlessly controlled by a dedicated button on the steering wheel, thereby ensuring ease of use for drivers.

Safety Measures and Alerts

 Despite the advanced nature of automation, drivers must remain in a state of readiness to reassume control at any given moment. The incorporation of visual and acoustic signals provides timely prompts, indicating when the driver needs to regain control. In instances where the driver fails to respond appropriately, the vehicle initiates a controlled standstill, prioritizing safety as a paramount concern.

Technological Components 

The 7 Series, equipped with Level 3 automation, boasts a sophisticated technology stack, a formidable computing platform, and a high-speed 5G connection to the cloud. It incorporates an array of cutting-edge components, including live HD maps, precise GPS location tracking, and a comprehensive sensor suite comprising cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, and a highly sensitive 3D lidar sensor. These elements synergize to ensure accurate positioning and continuous monitoring of the vehicle's surroundings and road conditions.


BMW's Level 3 automation signifies a remarkable leap forward in the landscape of driving technology. It offers drivers a harmonious blend of convenience, safety enhancements, and a tantalizing glimpse into the future of automotive innovation.


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