Unveiling the BMW 7 Series Protection – A Detailed Close-up!

Unveiling the BMW 7 Series Protection – A Detailed Close-up!

BMW takes security and protection to the next level with the BMW 7 Series Protection positioning itself as a robust contender in the realm of high-security vehicles. Set to be available in India, this armored version of the sixth-generation 7 Series elevates safety and sophistication, catering to the needs of dignitaries, corporate leaders, and individuals requiring the utmost security. Let's delve into the key aspects of this exceptional vehicle.

1. Distinctive Design

The exterior of the BMW 7 Series Protection maintains the sleek and commanding presence of the standard model. A few discrete features set it apart, such as flag holders on the front fender and specially designed 20-inch alloy wheels with Michelin PAX tires, ensuring the car can travel up to 30km at speeds of up to 80 kph even with a flat tire.

Unveiling the BMW 7 Series Protection – A Detailed Close-up! - photo
BMW 7 Series 

2. Interior style

Despite the added weight of the armor, each door, weighing approximately 200kg, is equipped with motors for smooth opening and closing. The BMW Protection Core architecture plays a crucial role, incorporating a 10mm steel core onto which the armored body panels and bullet-proof glass are added. This unique approach maintains interior space while ensuring top-tier protection.

3. Enhanced Security Features

The 7 Series Protection is rated at VR9 overall, with the glass achieving an even higher VPAM 10 rating. The multi-layer technology provides defense against various threats including rifle and sniper fire from 72mm rounds. Additional security features include a self-sealing fuel tank, automatic door closing functions and the ability to convert each door into an emergency exit.

4. Interior Customization

Buyers can choose from four interior trims—Oak High Gloss, Brown Limewood, Carbon Fibre, and Ash Grain Metallic—all complemented by 'Merino' black upholstery. An integrated UI named ALEA enhances security, and the infotainment system, while consistent with the standard 7 Series, includes additional protection-relevant functions.

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5. Powerful Performance

The 7 Series Protection, powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine generating 530hp and 750Nm of torque, maintains dynamic performance. With an 8-speed auto transmission and all-wheel drive (760i Protection xDrive VR9), it accelerates from 0 to 100kph in 6.6 seconds and achieves a top speed of 210kph.

6. Production Precision

BMW's commitment to precision is evident in the meticulous production of the 7 Series Protection at the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. Due to its specialized nature, only four units are produced weekly. The car is highly customizable, with prices expected to start at approximately Rs 4 crore per model.

7. Driver Training Program

To ensure optimal handling in emergency situations, BMW offers a training program for certified drivers. Chauffeurs undergo rigorous training in evasive high-speed maneuvers reinforcing occupant safety.

8. Escort Vehicle Option

BMW provides the X5 Protection VR6 as an escort vehicle, catering to the security needs of bodyguards. The company is poised to expand its Protection portfolio in India reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions.

The BMW 7 Series Protection stands as a testament to BMW's 45-year legacy in the high-security arena, offering a blend of opulence, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising protection for those who demand the very best in personal security.