BigBasket Adds 130 E-Luna E-Mopeds for Deliveries

BigBasket Adds 130 E-Luna E-Mopeds for Deliveries

Over 100 units of the Kinetic Green E-Luna have been delivered to Safe and Secure Delivery Solutions, the official delivery partner of BigBasket. In terms of the use of electric vehicles (EVs) for last-mile delivery services this is a major milestone.

E-Luna Fleets Program for E-commerce Partners

Kinetic Green has initiated a special corporate program called E-Luna Fleets, aimed at providing the Kinetic E-Luna to e-commerce partners in the last-mile delivery segment. The company anticipates around 50,000 bookings for the electric vehicle from this segment during the 2024-25 period. Kinetic Green's network includes over 350 dealerships for the E-Luna, and the company also offers IT support through the KG Connect platform, featuring real-time GPS tracking and vehicle performance diagnostics.

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Kinetic Green E-Luna Side View

Battery Swapping Solution for Efficient Fleet Management

Sulajja Firodia Motwani, CEO of Kinetic Green, highlighted in a recent exclusive interview that battery swapping is an effective solution for the E-Luna and B2B applications. Due to its ability to reduce downtime between deliveries by enabling delivery executives to replace batteries at a swapping station, this technique has the potential to grow fast in the B2B market. Reducing EV outages is essential to effective fleet management.

BigBasket's Electric Fleet Expansion

BigBasket has previously collaborated with Zypp Electric and Ampere Electric for its electric scooter fleet. With the addition of the Kinetic Green E-Luna the company continues to expand its electric fleet.

Kinetic Green E-Luna: A Revival of the Iconic Luna Nameplate

The iconic Luna nameplate made a comeback last month with the launch of the Kinetic Green E-Luna, priced at Rs 69,990 and Rs 74,990 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the X1 and X2 variants, respectively. The X1 variant features a 1.7kWh capacity battery with a claimed range of 80km, while the X2 variant comes with a 2kWh capacity battery and a claimed range of 110km. Currently, the Kinetic Green E-Luna does not have any direct rivals, but TVS Motor Company has recently trademarked the TVS XL EV and TVS E-XL names, hinting at a potential electric version of its workhorse, the TVS XL100, in the near future.