A Tribute to Yamaha RD 350: The Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 

A Tribute to Yamaha RD 350: The Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 

Bossyamakaze, a renowned bike customization workshop based in Karnataka, has recently revealed its latest creation a modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 that pays homage to the iconic Yamaha RD350. This modified bike which offers a unique riding experience that takes riders back to the era of racing has captured the attention of both enthusiasts and historical riders with its unique blend of traditional design elements and modern craftsmanship.

Yamaha RD350 Inspiration

The Yamaha RD350, a legendary 2-stroke bike renowned for its distinctive design and thrilling performance served as the model for the body package of the modified Interceptor 650. The bike's retro appeal is enhanced by the Interceptor 650 logo in a style of type similar to the RD350 and a customized paint job that pays homage to the iconic RD350 look.

A Tribute to Yamaha RD 350: The Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650  - closeup
Yamaha RD350 

Aesthetic Modifications

The customization includes chromed front and rear fenders, spoked wheels, and a telescopic fork all finished in chrome to enhance the retro look of the bike. The parallel-twin 648cc air/oil-cooled engine, also chrome-finished, contributes to the classic appeal, while the halogen headlight and bulb-type indicators and taillight stay true to the RD350's original design.

Mechanical Integrity

The modified Interceptor 650 has its original mechanical parts and hardware which guarantees that the bike will continue to function and be dependable even with the cosmetic changes. This approach maintains the iconic RD350 styling while providing riders with access to the modern features and functionality of the Interceptor 650.

The Legacy of the RD350

The Yamaha RD350 holds a special place in the hearts of biking enthusiasts even decades after its discontinuation. Its reputation for delivering thrilling performance and its distinctive sound have made it a sought-after classic bike. Icons like M.S. Dhoni who owns multiple RD350s, have helped keep the legacy of the RD350 alive, fueling the passion for this iconic motorcycle.

The customized Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 by Bossyamakaze is a perfect homage to the Yamaha RD350 showing the skill and imagination of the custom bike builders while capturing the spirit of this iconic vehicle. This customized Interceptor 650 is guaranteed to appeal to riders who value both tradition and innovation in cycling due to its blend of traditional design and cutting-edge performance.