800cc Maruti SS80 Original Model Detailed Walkaround Video

800cc Maruti SS80 Original Model Detailed Walkaround Video

The Maruti 800 brand first came into the picture in the year 1983, and it is indeed a piece of good news that the first-built unit of this brand was recently restored with the assistance of an Indian carmaker.

It is further enlightening to recognize the fact that this vehicle is considered to be one of the most iconic versions of its time so far; however, it made a great difference with its presence when it made its debut in the year 1983.

In fact, the Maruti 800 variant was always applauded for its no-nonsense offerings. It was even thought to be coming up with reliable mechanicals, which made it the top choice for everyone who chose it.

This is India's 1st Maruti 800 (SS80) - Detailed Walkaround Video


Here, with this piece of news, there are almost all the prime details that the audience should know about this restoration step.

This retained Maruti version was the first product which rolled out of the Maruti Udyog Limited production house. This facility centre is based in the region of Haryana.

The car was bought by Mr Harpal Singh and it had been registered with the number DIA 6479. This registration remained there in Harpal Singh’s name till his last time, which was the year 2010. This car was later on taken by Maruti Suzuki and it was restored and reimbursed to its actual shape and original condition.

This car now has all the features of genuine spare parts as well as all the newest components. It has been repaired well by expert engineers and technicians. So Maruti Suzuki has put this car model on display for its good record of proven restoration capacity of the company.

Even as famous as the SS80, the first-gen model, Maruti Suzuki 800 was available with a 796cc three-cylinder carburetted engine. This engine later on benefitted from fuel injection technology. It is also used in the latest generation variant of the Alto 800 brand.