Royal Enfield 650cc Twins Accessories Price List Officially Revealed

Royal Enfield 650cc Twins Accessories Price List Officially Revealed

RE 650cc Twins Accessories Price List: Royal Enfield Twins are powerful enough to fulfill every rider’s highway touring dream but doing the same without accessories may not be that pleasant. The number of accessories for both the products are quite impressive, with individual option limited to one for the Interceptor 650 and three for the Continental GT. Buyers can get their bikes fitted with pannier mounting kits and soft panniers for easy luggage handling while short and tall fly-screen can help them keep wind away from the face. [caption id="attachment_339791" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Accessorized Version of Interceptor 650 Accessorized Version of Interceptor 650[/caption] Apart from the functional accessories, buyers can also get their hands on kits meant for enhancing the visual presence of this motorcycle by a good margin. The brand is also offering a water resistant bike cover for added protection when the bike is parked. All the accessories are available in multiple shades for easy matching while paint option is always available if the stock color is not suitable. [caption id="attachment_339790" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Accessorized Version of Continental GT 650 Accessorized Version of Continental GT 650[/caption]

650cc Twins Accessories Price List

Accessories for Both Bikes

  • Touring Dual Seat: INR 4000
  • Short Flyscreen Kit: INR 1500
  • Tall Flyscreen Kit: INR 1700
  • Soft Panniers (Both Sides): INR 6000
  • Soft Pannier (Right Side): INR 4000
  • Pannier Mounting Kit (Both Sides): INR 1600
  • Pannier Mounting Kit (Right Side): INR 1200
  • Large Engine Guard (Mild Steel): INR 2900
  • Large Engine Guard (Stainless Steel): INR 3100
  • Compact Engine Guard (Mild Steel): INR 2600
  • Compact Engine Guard (Stainless Steel): INR 2900
  • Machined Bar-end kit (Black and Silver): INR 1100
  • Bike Cover (Black and Navy): INR 900
  • Aluminum Sump Guard: INR 1850
  • Fork Gaiter Kit: INR 850
  • Rear Suspension Finisher Kit: INR 1250
  • Intake Cover Kit: INR 1350
  • Machined Oil Filler Cap (Black and Silver): INR 775
  • Machined Front Reservoir Cap (Black and Silver): INR 675
  • Handlebar Brace Pad: INR 600

Accessories for Continental GT 650

  • Single Rider’s Seat: INR 3200
  • Single Seat Cowl (Black, White or Blue): INR 2500
  • Heel Guard (Pair): INR 1200

Accessories for Interceptor 650

  • Heel Guard (Right Side): INR 800