2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 Hits the Road with Fresh Updates

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 Hits the Road with Fresh Updates

Bajaj Auto has updated their popular Pulsar N250 motorcycle, adding new features and enhancements for 2024. The latest version of the Pulsar N250 starts at a price of Rs 1.51 lakh. It now includes advanced technology and equipment making it a more appealing choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Key Features of 2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250

Advanced Suspension and Braking

The new Pulsar N250 comes equipped with inverted telescopic suspension by Endurance, designed for better handling and durability on rough roads. It features a champagne gold finish that adds a stylish touch. Additionally, the bike includes a Dual Channel ABS with three ride modes: Road, Rain, and Off-Road enhancing safety across different driving conditions.

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Bajaj Pulsar N250

Traction Control System

Another significant addition is the Traction Control System (TCS) which helps maintain stability and prevents wheel spin on slippery surfaces. This system is particularly beneficial when riding in challenging road conditions.

Updated Braking Modes

The Pulsar N250's ABS system offers customizable settings. The Road mode is standard, Rain mode optimizes braking for wet conditions, and Off-Road mode is suitable for less stable rural roads. Riders can switch between these modes even while moving, except for the Off-Road mode, which requires the bike to be under 20 kmph.

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Design and Handling

The motorcycle maintains its robust design with new aesthetic touches like a matte black steel bumper and a muscular stance. The front fender-mounted charging port adds a practical element keeping with the modern features of the bike.

User Experience

The Pulsar N250 features a detailed LCD console that displays essential information, including the status of the ABS and TCS. While the console is compact, it efficiently presents all necessary data to the rider. The bike also includes Bluetooth connectivity for call and SMS alerts and navigation adding convenience for daily commutes.

Engine and Performance

The engine remains the same as the previous model — a 249 cc single-cylinder four-valve air & oil-cooled engine, producing 24.1 bhp and 21.5 Nm of torque. Although some riders discussed the potential for a 6-speed gearbox the existing 5-speed setup provides a spirited and enjoyable riding experience.

With its comprehensive updates the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 sets a new standard in its category, offering a combination of style, technology and performance at a competitive price. It's tailored to meet the needs of both new riders and seasoned motorcyclists looking for a reliable and feature-rich bike.