Is it a good idea to wait until Eid to purchase a Mahindra Thar with a discount?
If your plan is to buy the Mahindra Thar on Eid, then it is great because the brand may announce some amazing offers till that time.

I want to buy Mahindra Thar on Gurpurab. Is there any possibility of getting a good discount offer?
The company has not announced any discounts on Mahindra Thar on the occasion of Gurpurab

Will there be any offers like the Diwali sale on the Volkswagen Polo? Should I wait till then?
If you do not need the car immediately, then you can wait to get some amazing offers on a Volkswagen Polo during the Diwali festival.

I intend to buy a Volkswagen Polo on Maha Navami. Is it a good idea?
Absolutely, because it is evident that companies present attractive offers during festivals.

Is there any possibility of a big discount on the Volkswagen Polo on Durga Ashtami?
The company has not officially announced any discount offers during that time on its Volkswagen Polo

My family wants to bring home the new Volkswagen Polo this week. I want to know if any discount schemes will be available during that time.
After looking at the previous years’ schemes by most companies, we can say Volkswagen

I want to gift the Hyundai Santro to my wife on Dhanteras. Will there be any discount offers on it?
Amazing. If you are planning to purchase the Hyundai Santro around Dhanteras

Can you tell me the exact amount of the discount on the Hyundai Santro on Eid?
We cannot provide you with the exact figure, but as per the current offer by the brand...

Will the company announce any discount offer on Hyundai Santro around Dussehra?
As of now, Hyundai Motors is providing up to Rs. 1,50,000 in benefits on selected models

I came to know about the Diwali sale by Tata Motors. Will the Tata Nexon also be included in the offer scheme?
The Tata Nexon is one of the most popular cars in its segment at the moment.

When is the best time to purchase a new Tata Nexon? I mean, should I wait till Gurpurab to get some discount?
What is better than getting a good discount?

Will there be any discounts on Tata Nexon petrol variants during the Maha Navami festival?
We can not assure you that the discount offer will definitely be during Maha Navami.

I want to purchase a new Tata Nexon on an exchange offer in Dhanteras. How much benefit will I get?
The brand is giving good discounts on Tata Nexon this month and is expected to continue...

Is it okay, if I purchase a Maruti Baleno on EId? Will I get any benefit?
Most companies offer discounts on their cars during festivals. The Maruti Baleno can also be available...

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