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The bike feels tends to feel a bit underpowered under 3000 rpm...so the best way to ride this bike is to make the most of its mid-range...the power delivery is just amazing i mean after 7000 rpm it just goes boom....handling wise its really flick-able and a corner with an RC really comes in the picture.. And ABS which makes this bike one of the safest bikes to ride fast in India right now.. things I didn’t like about the bike are firstly the vibrations below 3000-4000 rpms....secondly the radiator fan i mean it’s too loud....third is the fuel tank i mean come on only 9.5 l for a 373cc bike. ......to sum it up i would say that… it’s a thorough breed committed super sport machine made to make u feel like a racer and engineered to probably make u one!!!! Ride safe!!! Cheers

Best Features: Well equipment like ABS, Handling characteristics etc

Pros: Track focused, cornering machine, excellent equipment

Cons: Vibrations, loud radiator fan

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