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SVM Bikes is a small company that was founded in 2016. It aims to create high-quality, affordable bikes for the masses.

The bikes are designed by a team of engineers and have been tested on various terrains to ensure they are durable and perform well on different surfaces. The founders of SVM Bikes have been cycling enthusiasts since they were children and have seen the need for high-quality, affordable bikes that can be enjoyed by everyone

SVM Bikes is a revolutionary bike rental service that offers a unique and convenient way to get around town. With their advanced AI-powered system, users can easily find and book a bike, using their mobile devices. The system allows customers to quickly and easily find the right bike for their needs, and to book it without any hassle. 

The bikes are equipped with advanced security features, ensuring they are safe and secure while on the move. SVM Bikes offer a hassle-free and enjoyable biking experience, giving customers the freedom to go wherever they need to go, without the worry and stress of dealing with traffic. With SVM Bikes, customers can take advantage of all the benefits of biking, while enjoying the convenience of having their bike ready to go when they need it.

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