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Reviews for Hero Passion xPro Drum Kick Alloy
sushil kumar | Updated 4 years ago
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It is an attractive commuter bike. The body color rear view mirrors and the fuel tank are the spotlight of the machine, which makes it instantly noticeable. The seating position is upright and the wide and tall handle provides the bike a comfortable position. Its seat cover is made up of high quality material and is convenient for comfort and weather conditions. The foot pegs are quite comfortable which is suitable for both the rider and the pillion. The RVMs are small but appropriate for small sized people. Braking is outstanding and the self-control while braking is remarkably good. Its engine produces good amount of low-end torque. Handling is neutral, it stays planted in the corners and the tyres do the job well. The 65 km/l mileage offers the bike a long range and intercity runs are a joy. Ground clearance is sufficient, with powerful suspension and with two adults, the machine runs superbly even at high speed. The ride quality is on the hard side, but is comfortable at slow speeds and at high speeds, the suspension stays flat, giving confidence to the user.

Best Features: Good Mileage

Pros: Mileage, styling, fuel efficiency, build quality, handling, affordable

Cons: No Drawbacks......

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