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Reviews for Hero Electric NYX (Dual Battery)
Nirati Srivastava | Updated 11 months ago
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I recently purchased an NYX E-5 and as happy to be able to save both the environment and money. However, after a few days, I have encountered several issues. Firstly, the seat lock was not working and I was unable to charge the battery because the charger was locked in the seat. I managed to open the seat and charge the battery. Upon visiting the workshop, the mechanic found some wires had burnt near the connector and he replaced it.

The same issue occurred a few days later and a mechanic from the workshop was reluctant to come, but eventually agreed after I requested, and charged me Rs. 200 for the visit. When I arrived at the workshop, the engineer identified that the wire near the connector had burnt again and replaced it. Additionally, the charger socket was not functioning, which he changed. The entire visit took me 3 hours and I was very frustrated.

Thankfully, when I went to the workshop on another occasion, two engineers from Hero Electric were already present and they assisted me in resolving the issue.

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