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Vishnu - | Updated 4 years ago
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I purchased V15 on April 8th 2016 at Sri Siddi Vinayaka Showroom, Begumpet, Hyderabad. For the first two days it was fine and then started showing the list of problems in it 1) Poor Pickup - On any gear it doesn't feel like a 150cc bike (not even close to a 110cc bike) 2) Gear Shifting Problem - sometimes gears doesn't shift well and they make disgusting noise when changing. 3) Exhaust Sound (Beating) - The beating which is there for the initial two days is completely changed and now it sounds like a bike which is 5 years old. Completed disgusting and annoying. It is not the original beating like when it was new. 4) Engine - Every time when you raise the bike on any gear there seems to be a annoying sound from the engine which is not so audible (you have to observe it carefully). I can easily say that this engine not for long lasting. Hardly it will last for two years. 5) Mileage - One of the worst problem I am facing now. Can you believe a 150cc bike which has no proper power, no performance just like the other 150cc bikes but still it is not giving a mileage of 40 KMPL. As of now the mileage is below 40. 6) Pillion seat - When you remove the rear seat cowl and sit on it while some one is riding, you can easily slip back and may fall down. Not at all comfortable for the pillion 7) Side indicator's doesn't make sound when they are in use, just like the other bikes. Then just simply blink. 8) Fuel gauge - The digital fuel gauge which is completely useless , sometimes it shows four points and the very next minute they reduce to two points. 9) Service - The showroom guys are completely reckless and irresponsible. I have explained all the above to them with in one week (15th April 2016) but they are not answering to any of the question properly. They simply say "Go to service center" or "Wait for the first service, initially the bike will be like this only".

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