One of the worst bike, feels cheated!

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Sachin Singh | Updated 2 years ago
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Initially, the performance was good but, I always felt that in its last gear i.e in 5th gear, it seems as if the bike wants 1 more gear. There is a vibration sort of feeling that you will get when on 5th gear. Its not always but most of the time. Also, the person sitting back will feel as if he is sliding backward. Now the worst part and I have confirmed it with at least 10 random users. The bike will shut down at any point in time. In the morning when I start my bike, it will definitely get switched off. From gear 1st to 2nd, it will get switch off mostly and from 4th to 5th gear, it will switch off. I have been facing this problem right from initial days. I have tried many times to get it fixed but nothing could be done to date. This particular problem will really make you upset as your bike will switch off when you are at a particular pace. I had never ever thought that a company like BAJAJ will deliver such a pathetic bike and will cheat everyone emotionally by branding it as a part of Vikrant.

Best Features: Now I don't like any of its feature

Pros: The look is quite good

Cons: It's performance

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