Pulsar 180 Sapphire Blue 10 months 12000 km Review

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Reviews for Bajaj Pulsar 180 Dagger Edge
siddhanta - | Updated One year ago
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Hi Pulsar riders and new friends, I have ride my pulsar 180 around 12000 km in 10 months. now it's my review what I learn from this blue beast, I want to inform u looks very good and design suitable for friends to family members most for woman (mother). mileage as per my experience if anyone ride his pulsar 180 50 to 60 kmpl with good fuel and engine oil regular change it will give min 45 kmpl and max 52 kmpl. I change my Mobil at 2300 km each, check pressure at each month. maintenance I use raw Mobil to lubricate my 180 chain . and till now it's performance is very good. no more harsh sounds, but racer is very irritating it's got fully damage at 10000 km , and it need tight at 2000 km each, only the racer prob I got till now, on the side of economy its very good in range of bikes. power once u ride it it will show u the beast power , u can only feel it by ride it over all its a very good bike...value for money..and if pulsar 180 shows 50 kmpl then I think 150 will give u around 60-65 kmpl . thanks

Best Features: Power, looks

Pros: Looks, mileage in this range, power

Cons: Chain sprocket almost solved, racer damage

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