Journey from Pulsar 220F to RS200

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Reviews for Bajaj Pulsar RS200
avinash - | Updated 4 years ago
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Y Bajaj y??? seriously I never thought Bajaj which took a step a head in design would take five steps back in tech aspects. Seriously r u kidding me. I own both 220F & RS200, where r self-cancellation signals. if u unknowingly press start button even when engine is on it would rotate self motor, y u did this no other Pulsars would do that even my fathers discover 100 no it wont. then y the hell the most advanced pulsar doing it. I hate it any one hates it. u guys did the best job by connecting engine kill switch to side stand it was awesome. Hit the switch engine on, shift gear engine off it wont start until the side stand is off. Please don't do the same with RS400, please

Best Features: LED day-time lights twin projector lamps

Pros: Cool & sexy looks

Cons: Technology

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