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Mini Cooper 3-Door Diesel (P)

Mini Cooper 3-Door
19 views this week
₹ 31,85,000 - ₹ 36,00,000
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Mini Cooper 5-Door (P)

Mini Cooper 5-Door
3 views this week
₹ 33,00,000 - ₹ 35,20,000
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Mini Cooper Convertible (P)

Mini Cooper Convertible
2 views this week
₹ 34,80,000
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Mini Cooper Countryman (P)

Mini Cooper Countryman
8 views this week
₹ 26,55,000 - ₹ 41,50,000
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Mini Cooper Countryman (P)

Mini Cooper One
3 views this week
₹ 24,00,000
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Mini Cooper Paceman

Mini Cooper Paceman
2 views this week
₹ 27,00,000 - ₹ 32,00,000
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Mini Cooper (P)

Mini Cooper (2014)
7 views this week
₹ 27,90,000 - ₹ 31,50,000
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About Mini

As the name indicates the Mini is a small car owned by the British Motor Corporation, and its successor until 2000. The original vehicle is considered to be the British icon of 1960s. Moreover, the space-saving factor involved in the front-wheel drive layout has been an inspiration to many car makers.

This particular vehicle in some ways is considered a British equivalent to the German, Volkswagen Beetle. In the year 1999, this car was voted as the second most influential car in the world, after Ford Model T of the 20th century. This two-door car was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis for British Motor Corporation. It was manufactured in England at the Longbridge and Cowley plants. Later, it was manufactured in other plants located in various parts of the world. Initially, Mini was disqualified after its finish, but later in 1980s it was marketed under the name, “Austin."

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