Which is the best colour in the 2021 Tata Safari?
The new Tata Safari is available in four colour choices

Is the new Tata Safari 2021 simply an updated version of the Tata Harrier?
It goes beyond doubt that the new Tata Safari looks like the Tata Harrier...

I like the Tata Safari and want to buy it, however, I’m a slacker when it comes to maintenance. Will it be a suitable vehicle for me? I’ve heard it requires frequent service and maintenance.
Proper maintenance is required for every car for best performance.

Is the new Tata Safari 2021 worth investing in, or is there a better rival in the same price bracket?
The new 2021 Tata Safari is loaded with attractive features such as a SkyDome sunroof

How much will it cost to upgrade the Hyundai Creta’s base model to the top model?
Okay, so you want to upgrade the base model Hyundai Creta to the top model, sounds good...

Is it a good idea to buy a Hyundai Creta petrol and then convert it to CNG?
If you desire to convert the Hyundai Creta petrol variant to CNG it is a good idea to low...

I am looking for a Hyundai Creta rear windshield. Can you tell me the price of this part?
As your concern is about Hyundai Creta rear windshield, it is available for INR 2299....

What is the distinction between Tata Altroz’s XZ and XZ+ option models?
In terms of exterior, performance and instrument cluster, there is no distinction in both models

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Tata Altroz?
While no car is perfect and has some flaws as well as plus points. Hence, the Tata Altroz too have a few drawbacks according to some user reviews.

What is the maintenance cost of the Tata Altroz?
The Tata Altroz estimated service cost for 5 years is INR 19000 approximately.

I am planning to buy my first car. Should I go far Tata Altroz?
If you want a car with good performance and looks and also knows driving properly then you can buy Tata Altroz.

Is the Hyundai i20 a safe car?
Actually every brand do their best effort to make the car safe...

What is the lifespan of the Hyundai i20 diesel engine?
If we talk about the estimated lifetime of the engine, generally it is 2 lac kms.

Should I go for an i20? Is it suitable for long drives and trips?
As far as your concern is about long rides and trips, we can say yes, you can buy an i20...

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