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When it comes to two-wheeler division, nobody can forget the BSA motors. India makes its tube investment in this area. In 2008, most of the electric scooter on the Indian roads was BSA Motors. With each person in a family owning a two-wheeler, the number to achieve becomes even easier. The Ambattur plant has the capacity to manufacture at least hundred scooters per day.

The BSA Motors has already conquered the southern side of India, and it is one of the largest and fastest growing brands in India. There are over 120 outlets currently, which are spread across ten states and one union territory. This, which is backed by expanding service network, offers the best in-class service to its customers. You can get these scooters in four colors, except the Diva which comes in five colors. The time required to charge these bikes is just six to eight hours. It can be recharged wherever you find power.