Yamaha R15 Gets Makeover - Looks Like R1M Superbike

Yamaha R15 Gets Makeover - Looks Like R1M Superbike

The Yamaha R15 V3 you see here has taken the extreme route of modification and got itself an R1M-inspired look. However, the changes are totally visual and more importantly, based on a kit that can be mounted or removed. The kit comes with a custom headlight set up with a huge bubble visor, redesigned side fairing and a completely new tail section with an in-built backrest.

The rear section of the sportbike also flaunts effective winglets while the front can be seen with a custom fender. The taillight and turn indicators are neatly studded into the new panels. The R15 V3 seen here is an Indonesia-spec model as one can spot the USD front forks and rear aluminium footpeg holders.

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Yamaha R15 has served as a base for hundreds of modifications in the past decade and some of the owners have gone to the next level by adding technology to their examples. Here, the primary focus was to achieve R1M styling and that too by not altering any performance-related components of the R15 V3.

The impressive shade looks even better in low-light conditions. The modifier has used precisely-placed stickers to highlight the overall design upgrade. The centre section of the fuel tank is wrapped in black shade for the perfect contrast.

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The most powerful motorcycle of its kind, the stock version of R15 V3 can produce 18.6 HP of maximum power and claims 0-100 kph in around 12 seconds. The modified model seen here comes with premium tires while the use of huge panels at both the front and rear end makes the wheelbase feel puny in comparison to the stock model.

This Yamaha R1M Superbike is Actually a Modified Yamaha R15 V3

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Most Popular Answers for Yamaha R15
Is Yamaha R15 V3 good for long rides?
2023-12-01 06:59:19 AM

No, because the Yamaha R15 V3 is more of a sporting motorcycle than a touring machine. Because this is a race bike rather than a cruiser, it is not suitable for long distance riding. Not for more than 60-70 kilometers. It is also dependent on your physical fitness.

Why is Yamaha R15 V3 so powerful?
2023-12-01 06:55:28 AM

Yamaha R15 V3  produces 18.6 kW (20.7 PS) at 10,000 rpm, making it one of the most powerful bikes. The engine provides quick acceleration and top speed, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy riding fast.

Is Yamaha R15 M good for beginners?
2023-09-08 06:46:49 AM

Yes, it a perfectly good bike for a beginner. I have a R15M for 4 years and totally love the experience. Even after moving on to different cars everyday, i still tremendously enjoy the occasional ride, that's how much i love this bike.

What is special in Yamaha R15 M?
2023-09-08 06:45:35 AM

Born of Yamaha's racing DNA that shaped legends like M1, The R1M and the R-series, The R15 M takes the racing quotient to next level with stunning new graphics, 3D Emblem & Special Seat, 155 CC LC4V SOHC FI ENGINE WITH VVA equipped with a Traction Control System and a Quick Shifter.

Is Yamaha R15 M available through csd?
2023-09-08 06:42:32 AM

Yamaha R15 M is available through csd canteen. In order to know the csd price of the Yamaha R15 M, please contact the nearest Yamaha dealership.