VW ID.7 Earns Top Marks in Euro NCAP Safety Tests

VW ID.7 Earns Top Marks in Euro NCAP Safety Tests

The new ID.7 from Volkswagen has received the top score of five stars in the renowned Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) safety test. This puts the all-electric limousine among the best-rated models of 2023 in the overall ranking by the independent European test organisation. With its five-star rating, the ID.7 joins the ranks of the other ID. models that have also received the highest award.  Volkswagen’s premium all-electric ID.7 shines in the rigorous Euro NCAP safety assessments, earning a coveted five-star rating. 

The Euro NCAP evaluation comprehensively assesses four crucial areas: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, protection of vulnerable road users, and the performance of standard driver-assistance systems. The ID.7 excelled in all categories, achieving a remarkable 95% score in adult occupant protection. Beyond passenger safety, the ID.7 impressed in protecting vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists. 

Key Features

1.Structural Integrity: The Backbone of Safety

One of the key highlights of the ID.7's success in Euro NCAP tests is its exceptional structural integrity. 

2. Occupant Protection: A Priority

Occupant safety is a paramount concern for any automaker, and Volkswagen's ID.7 proves to be a frontrunner in this aspect. 

3. Pedestrian Safety: Extending Care Beyond the Cabin

Beyond occupant safety, the ID.7 also demonstrated a commitment to pedestrian safety.

4. Electric Safety: Navigating Unique Challenges

As an electric vehicle, the ID.7 faced unique challenges in terms of electric-specific safety. 

The Euro NCAP safety assessment is based on the results in four categories. The ID.7 achieved the best result in the ‘Occupant protection for adults’ category with a rating of 95 per cent. Likewise, the ID.7 achieved excellent results for ‘Occupant protection for children’, ‘Protection of unprotected road users’ and the driver assist systems available as standard.

Alongside occupant protection, Euro NCAP also examines how well automatic emergency braking systems can protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists in the event of an impending collision. The testers additionally attach great importance to other standard assist systems.Another technology that every ID.7 in Germany has on board is Car2X.

Key Points

1.Safeguarding Every Turn

The ID.7 incorporates advanced collision prevention features, including oncoming vehicle braking when turning, swerve support, and a forward collision warning system with pedestrian and cyclist detection.

2. A Watchful Guardian

To ensure optimal driver alertness and prevent fatigue-induced accidents, the ID.7 is equipped with a Driver Attention Monitor and a Driver Alert System.

3. Effortless Driving

Maintaining safe distances and precise lane positioning is made effortless with the ID.7's adaptive cruise control and lane assist features. 

4. Simplifying Manoeuvres

Navigating parking spaces becomes a breeze with the ID.7's Park Assist Plus and Park Distance Control.

5. Enhancing Awareness

The ID.7 prioritises safety in blind spots with features such as Side Assist, Rear Traffic Alert, and an exit warning system. 

6.Real-Time Safety Information

Car2X technology elevates the ID.7's safety quotient by enabling communication with other vehicles and infrastructure.

Volkswagen Tigun commitment to prioritising safety in electric vehicle development is clearly evident in the comprehensive suite of driver-assistance features integrated into the ID.7. Further development of Renault Group around its various value chains and return to shareholders. More specifically, the €764 million cash inflow from this operation will cover financial investments made by Renault Group in 2023 as well as those planned for 2024.