Unlock Savings: Top-End MG Comet EV Price Reduced by Rs 1.40 Lakh

Unlock Savings: Top-End MG Comet EV Price Reduced by Rs 1.40 Lakh

MG Motor India Announces Price Cuts Across Model Range

MG Motor India celebrating its centenary year has implemented a significant price decrease across its entire model lineup, bringing more popularity and availability to its customers. While the initial announcement only highlighted the starting prices of each model, the detailed price list has now been released, revealing the revisions, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) segment.

Price Reductions in the MG Comet EV

The MG Comet EV, known for its efficient electric performance, has seen exceptional price revisions across its variants. The price range for the Comet EV now stands between Rs 6.99 lakh to Rs 8.58 lakh, ex-showroom. The entry-level Style version receives an important price cut of Rs 99,000, while the more technologically advanced Play and Luxury ornaments experience even more impressive reductions of Rs 1.40 lakh each.

Unlock Savings: Top-End MG Comet EV Price Reduced by Rs 1.40 Lakh - close up
MG Comet EV

With these revisions, the Comet EV became the most affordable electric car in the country unequal to the price range of the Tata Tiago EV. Previously, both models shared a significant price overlap, with the Tiago EV priced between Rs 8.29 lakh to Rs 12.09 lakh. After the price drop the Comet EV now stands out as a smarter choice for consumers who once thought it was too pricey. Despite its two-door layout and limited range, especially suitable for city travel, the standard accessories now offer enhanced value compared to the entry-level Tiago EV trim, boasting similar specifications. 

For reference, the Comet EV features a 17.3kWh battery with an ARAI-certified range of 230km. Its single electric motor on the rear axle delivers 42hp and 110Nm of torque. In contrast, the Tiago EV's entry-level MR variants come equipped with a 19.2kWh battery, offering an ARAI-claimed range of 250km, powered by a front axle-mounted electric motor producing 61hp and 110Nm.

Price Adjustments in the MG ZS EV

The MG ZS EV receives even more substantial price cuts, especially with the introduction of a new entry-level Executive trim priced at Rs 18.98 lakh. This move reduces the starting price by a significant Rs 3.9 lakh. Additionally, existing Excite, Exclusive, and Exclusive Pro trims witness price reductions of Rs 2.9 lakh, Rs 1.02 lakh, and Rs 92,000, respectively. With the MG ZS EV's price drop, eco-friendly driving just became more affordable, expanding its enhancement to budget-conscious buyers across different models.

Unlock Savings: Top-End MG Comet EV Price Reduced by Rs 1.40 Lakh - close up

MG Motor India's move to slash prices across its model range particularly in the EV segment signifies a strategic effort to make electric vehicles more accessible to Indian consumers. Slashing prices on the Comet EV and ZS EV, MG Motor India amps up the appeal of eco-friendly rides in a market hungry for greener travel options. By slashing the prices of their Comet EV and ZS EV, MG is likely to rev up sales and pave the way for more Indians to switch to electric vehicles steering us toward a cleaner automotive future. By making their Comet EV and ZS EV more wallet-friendly, MG is sparking a tech-savvy revolution in India's electric car game driving us all toward an eco-friendlier tomorrow.