Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Launched at Rs. 2.99 Lakhs

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Launched at Rs. 2.99 Lakhs

Ultraviolette Automotive, the Bengaluru-based startup, has launched the updated 'Mach 2' version of its F77 electric sports bike. This debut comes approximately a year and a half after the original F77 was first introduced to the market in 2022 and the new F77 Mach 2 builds on the roots of the original F77 platform adding various sophisticated features to improve safety and performance.

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Launched at Rs. 2.99 Lakhs - snap
Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2

Enhanced Safety Features

The F77 Mach 2 introduces a comprehensive 'Performance Pack' that includes several technological enhancements:

  • Optimized ABS System: The new braking system features a front-only ABS mode, which deactivates the rear ABS while keeping the front ABS active to enhance control.
  • Traction Control: This new addition comes with three selectable levels—rain, city, and track—to suit different riding conditions and preferences. Level 3 offers maximum intrusion for safety, while Level 1 offers minimal, allowing for greater rider control.
  • Hill-hold Assist: This feature prevents the bike from rolling back on slopes, making uphill starts much easier.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Available as an optional add-on for both bike variants, this system helps maintain optimal tyre pressure.
  • Charge Limit Setting: Allows users to set a specific charge limit to manage battery health and longevity.
  • Find My F77 Feature and On-board Navigation: Helps locate the bike if misplaced and integrates navigation directly into the bike’s display.
  • New Display Themes: Offers customization options for the bike’s digital display to enhance the user interface.

Pricing and Availability

The F77 Mach 2 is launched at an introductory price of Rs. 2.99 lakh, while the F77 Mach 2 Recon is priced at Rs. 3.99 lakh. The Performance Pack, which includes all the aforementioned features, will be bundled into the price for the first 1,000 customers. After this promotional period, the pack will be available for an additional charge. Notably, while many of these features are standard on the F77 Mach 2 Recon, they remain optional on the standard F77 Mach 2 model.

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Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Side View

Improved Range and Performance

Both the F77 Mach 2 and F77 Mach 2 Recon models boast increased IDC ranges of 211km and 323km, respectively. Despite these enhancements, the performance specs of the motorcycles remain unchanged ensuring that the new models retain the dynamic riding experience that the F77 is known for.

Expansion Plans

Bookings for both motorcycles are now open across 15 cities, with Ultraviolette planning to expand its dealership network by adding 18 to 20 new locations across India. With this growth the company is demonstrating its dedication to improving customer service and making its state-of-the-art electric motorcycles more accessible.