TVS X Launched - The Sporty Electric Scooter

TVS X Launched - The Sporty Electric Scooter

TVS Reveals Its Sporty Electric Scooter - The TVS X 

After numerous teasers, TVS has finally unveiled its latest electric scooter, the X, showcasing an edgy and aggressive design ready to rival the likes of Other 450X and Ola S1 Pro. TVS has pulled the covers off its sporty new electric scooter, the X, after teasing it for quite some time. It looks sporty and furious to us right away, which is a noticeable change from their iQube model. The scooter's profile resembles the brilliant design concept of the popular Creon.

Specifications: The heart of the TVS X electric scooter is a potent 7kW motor that boasts a peak power output of 11kW. The motor is uniquely cooled through a RAM air intake located at the front, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding conditions. Its top speed reaches a commendable 105 kmph, offering both speed and thrill to riders. With its most recent product, the TVS X electric scooter, TVS, a major leader in the Indian automotive sector, has made a daring step towards the future of transportation. 



However, there is a cost associated with all of these amazing characteristics. 

The TVS X is priced at Rs 2,49,990 (ex-showroom), making it India's most expensive electric scooter.It costs even more than other remarkable bikes, including the Harley-Davidson X440 and the Triumph Speed 400. Additionally, it doesn't qualify for FAME 2 subsidies, further affecting its price competitiveness. With its high cost, the TVS X is making an impact because of its unique qualities and appealing design. In order to compete with the Ather 450X and Ola S1 Pro, it is anticipated to upend the electric scooter market. 

Bookings have begun, and deliveries are expected to start in phases from December. Due to its attractive appearance, powerful performance, and advanced technologies, the TVS X is ready to radically change the electric scooter market. Booking details are available on TVS's website, providing you a glimpse into the bright future of electric scooters if cost is not an obstacle for you.



Main Features

Powerful Motor: The TVS X boasts a 7kW motor with a peak power of 11kW, providing exhilarating acceleration and impressive performance.

Aggressive design: The X has an aggressive and sporty appearance that sets it unique thanks to its jagged body panels and dynamic shapes.

Swift Acceleration: Going from 0 to 40kmph in just 2.6 seconds and reaching 0-60kmph in 4.5 seconds, the X ensures quick and exciting acceleration.

Top Speed: The 105 kmph top speed of the scooter makes for thrilling commuting and daring excursions.

Versatile Riding Modes: Choose from three riding modes - Xealth, Xtride, and Xonic - catering to different preferences and road conditions.

First-in-Class ABS: The X stands out as India's first electric scooter with ABS, enhancing safety during rides.

Impressive Range: Equipped with a 3.8kWh battery pack, the X provides a range of 140 km according to Indian Driving Cycle (IDC) standards.

Quick Charging: The 3kW charger facilitates a 0 to 50 percent charge in just 1 hour, while the regular charger achieves 0-80 percent in 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Innovative Console: The X features an innovative 10.25-inch TFT console, an unprecedented feature among scooters in India.It provides gaming, live video streaming, wellness features, configurable choices, and more.



Power-Packed Performance: The powerful motor and swift acceleration make the X an exciting and dynamic ride.

Distinctive Design: The sporty and aggressive design with edgy body panels sets the X apart from its competitors.

Advanced Safety: Being the first electric scooter with ABS in India, the X ensures enhanced safety for riders.

Innovative Console: The feature-rich 10.25-inch TFT console offers a unique blend of entertainment and information, a first in the scooter segment.

Versatile Riding Modes: The scooter's adaptability is increased by the numerous riding modes, which accommodate different riding preferences and road circumstances.


Premium Pricing: The TVS X comes at a premium price of Rs 2,49,990 (ex-showroom), making it the most expensive electric scooter in India.

Lack of Subsidy: The scooter doesn't qualify for FAME 2 subsidies, affecting its price competitiveness in the market.

Limited Availability: The TVS X might have limited availability due to its premium pricing, potentially limiting its accessibility to a wider audience.



Final Thoughts

A notable advancement in the realm of electric mobility may be seen in the TVS X electric scooter. With its fashionable and aggressive style, cutting-edge features, and forceful performance, it is about to alter the electric scooter scene. The 7kW motor with a peak power of 11kW ensures exhilarating acceleration, while the first-in-class ABS adds a layer of safety. The 10.25-inch TFT console, which provides an unequalled fusion of entertainment and information, is the main feature.

However, the premium price of Rs 2,49,990 (ex-showroom) and the absence of FAME 2 subsidies may limit its accessibility to some. For those looking for a thrilling and futuristic two-wheeler experience, the TVS X comes out as a potential option despite this. As deliveries for the TVS X begin in phases in December, upending the status quo and offering a glimpse into the future of urban transportation, the electric scooter industry is anticipated to be stirred. 

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Which is better TVS X or OLA S1 Pro Gen 2?
2023-08-31 11:17:41 AM

Deciding between the TVS X and OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 depends on what you want. Both are electric scooters with some differences. TVS X might be more about new ideas and style, while OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 could have special features and benefits from OLA. To pick the right one for you in the city, check their details, features, and what you need.

Is the TVS X user-friendly for those new to electric vehicles?
2023-08-31 11:17:17 AM

TVS is likely to design the TVS X with user-friendly features to make it accessible and easy to use for riders new to electric vehicles.

Can riders expect a comfortable ride on the TVS X?
2023-08-31 11:17:01 AM

TVS is likely to prioritize rider comfort, ensuring a pleasant and convenient riding experience on the TVS X.

Is the TVS X suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike?
2023-08-31 11:16:41 AM

Yes, the TVS X's user-friendly design and likely automatic operation make it suitable for riders of various experience levels.

Can the TVS X be a practical choice for daily commuting in congested urban areas?
2023-08-31 11:16:13 AM

Absolutely, the compact dimensions, electric propulsion, and nimble handling of the TVS X make it a fantastic choice for navigating through bustling city streets.