Toyota Unveils Urban SUV Concept, Partnering with Maruti Suzuki's eVX

Toyota Unveils Urban SUV Concept, Partnering with Maruti Suzuki's eVX

Toyota has revealed the Urban SUV Concept, its newest electric vehicle (EV) concept that’s slated for a market launch in 2024. The Urban SUV Concept is nothing but Toyota’s version of the Maruti Suzuki eVX, which is slated to be introduced in India sometime in 2025. We earlier reported that the eVX will spawn a Toyota version and here it’s. 


European Unveiling

 The Toyota Urban SUV Concept has made its debut in Europe, signaling the brand's expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) portfolio in the region.

Design Aesthetics

The concept vehicle boasts a minimalist design, drawing inspiration from the design language seen in new-age Toyota EVs, such as the bZ4X.

Interior Design

While the exterior has been unveiled, details about the interior are yet to be disclosed.

Battery Options

The Toyota Urban SUV Concept is set to offer consumers a choice between two battery options.

European Market Focus

The initial launch of the Urban Crusier SUV Concept is slated for European markets, signaling Toyota's strategic focus on capturing the growing demand for electric vehicles in Europe.

Potential India Debut

While the European launch is the immediate focus, the article hints at a potential debut in the Indian market following the introduction of the Maruti Suzuki eVX.

In terms of design, the Urban SUV Concept gets the same design language as new age Toyota EVs such as the bZ4X. The front features a sleek grille, flanked by C-shaped LED headlights with a modern full-width LED light bar. Right below it, you get a simple front bumper which has a large air dam with a LED lightstrip outlining it. 

The side profile appears similar to the eVX but the Toyota Urban SUV Concept’s flared wheel arches are filled with 5-spoke alloys. Addition of body cladding makes the profile look rugged and it also has a sloping roofline. We can also notice similarities with the eVX such as C-pillar-mounted handles for the rear doors. 

Towards the back, the car comes with connected LED tail lamps, which get angular elements but appear to be a bit too small for the rear of the SUV.

Coming to the dimensions of the Toyota Urban SUV Concept, the car measures 4,300 mm long, 1,820 mm wide and 1,620 mm tall. The wheelbase is shared with the eVX at 2,700 mm, but the height and width of the Toyota is 20 mm more.

While Toyota has not revealed the electric SUV’s interiors, we can safely assume it to be similar to the one found on the eVX, which gets a minimalist cabin with dual integrated screens. We can also expect the SUV to come with a host of creature comforts and other safety tech similar to its Suzuki counterpart, details of which can be found here. 

Toyota Urban SUV Concept Powertrain 

In terms of powertrain, the Toyota Urban SUV Concept will get a choice of a single motor FWD or a dual motor AWD setup. Owners will also be able to choose from two battery options. 

The Urban SUV Concept previews the first amongst the carmaker’s new-age all-electric SUV line-up. We can expect the car in the Indian market after its European debut, sometime in 2024, which could possibly make it the first electric vehicle from the brand in India. It will lock horns with the Maruti Suzuki eVX, MG ZS EV and BYD Atto 3.