Speeding into Ertiga Excellence with Toyota Rumion Review!

Speeding into Ertiga Excellence with Toyota Rumion Review!

Toyota's alliance with Suzuki has given rise to another rebadged model, and this time it's in the affordable MPV segment – the Toyota Rumion, based on the Maruti Ertiga. While the Rumion shares much of its DNA with the Ertiga, there are subtle differences and the undeniable Toyota badge. Let's explore why the Rumion is making a mark in the segment and whether it's worth the premium.


Space and Comfort:

  • The Rumion offers generous space and comfortable seating arrangements, maintaining the practicality and comfort of the Maruti Ertiga.

Ease of Driving:

  • It inherits the Ertiga's easy-to-drive nature, making it suitable for various driving conditions.


Lacks Unique Identity:

  • Despite some cosmetic enhancements, the Rumion lacks a distinctive identity, closely resembling its Maruti counterpart.

Premium Pricing:

  • Priced at a premium of Rs 50,000-60,000 over comparable Ertiga variants, the Rumion's pricing might be a crucial factor for potential buyers.

Exterior Features

  • The Rumion features a new nose design, showcasing Toyota's design elements, including a prominent front grille reminiscent of the Innova Crysta.
  • Cosmetic changes include a redesigned front bumper with triangular fog lamp housings, a silver-accented air dam, and dual-tone 15-inch alloys.

Interior Features

  • The interior closely mirrors the Maruti Ertiga, with an identical design, layout, and beige color scheme.
  • Practical and functional cabin with broad and comfortable seats, suitable ergonomics, and ample storage areas.

Seating Arrangements

  • The middle row offers flexibility with 40:60 split, sliding, and reclining features for enhanced comfort.
  • Easy access to the third row facilitated by the tilting and sliding kerb-side section of the second row.
  • Adequate space in the third row for adults, with reclining backrest and rear air vents.


  • Powered by a 103hp 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with mild-hybrid technology, offering responsive performance at city speeds.
  • The 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission provides smooth operation with paddle shifters for manual control.

Fuel Efficiency

  • Encourages relaxed driving with impressive fuel efficiency, especially on open roads.
  • Auto engine stop-start feature helps in optimizing fuel consumption while idling.

Ride and Handling

  • Retains the Ertiga's mechanicals and underpinnings, delivering a reassuring driving experience.
  • Good ride quality and stability at cruising speeds, with some vertical movements over wavy surfaces when fully loaded.

Variant-wise Price Comparison (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

  1. The Toyota Rumion is priced at a premium compared to the Maruti Ertiga across variants, with the Petrol-MT variants starting at Rs 10.29 lakh for the Rumion and Rs 8.64-9.78 lakh for the Ertiga.
  2. For the Petrol-AT variants, the Rumion is priced at Rs 11.89 lakh, slightly higher than the Maruti Ertiga, which comes in at Rs 11.28 lakh. The pricing difference ranges between Rs 50,000-60,000 making it a crucial factor for potential buyers to consider.

The Toyota Rumion, though closely related to the Maruti Ertiga, stands as a reliable and competent option in the affordable MPV segment. The premium pricing is justified by Toyota's extended standard warranty and quicker delivery offering buyers an alternative with the added allure of the Toyota badge.