Official Specifications of Royal Enfield Bobber 838 (Concept KX)

Official Specifications of Royal Enfield Bobber 838 (Concept KX)

The Royal Enfield Bobber 838 (Concept KX) guarantees revolution for the Indian manufacturer, flaunting next-generation design language and massive technological jump from the present-generation motorcycles. The complete details of Concept KX may never be revealed as it will once again make a debut as a production bike in the coming years and then only the brand will reveal the exact technical specifications of the engine. Still, Royal Enfield has revealed certain crucial details and specifications that can give the fans an exact idea of what the production version will feel like in the real skin. The front and rear wheel of the Bobber 838 (Concept KX) measures 19-inch in diameter, with all three disc brakes carrying ABS for optimum safety. The Royal Enfield Bobber 838 (Concept KX) measures 2,160mm in length, 778mm in width and 998mm in height. The premium Bobber feel comes with the low overall height, further bringing healthy 760mm of seat height. The long 1530mm of wheelbase facilitates head-turning stance while the 128mm of ground clearance is slightly on the lower side. In the production model of the motorcycle, the front girder fork will most probably get switched with modern USD forks while the rear end will retain the suspension setup for the perfect stance. The brand has listed the engine as 838cc for the concept version, carrying V-Twin layout and fuel injection. In the official specification sheet, Royal Enfield mentioned TBC (To Be Confirmed) with the engine displacement value, which means that the brand can explore more engine configurations before coming to a final value. The same stays true for 80mm bore and 83.8mm stroke value. The 6-speed gearbox will be kept the same for all versions. The 838cc engine has been developed in association with Polaris Industries and thus, the typical Indian Motorcycle touch is guaranteed in the final version. Expecting around 90HP of maximum power is genuinely true for the engine as litre-class V-Twins are known to produce around 100HP of power. The production model of the Royal Enfield Bobber 838 is expected to be unveiled in 2022.

Royal Enfield Bobber 838

Official Technical Specifications

  • Engine Displacement: 838cc (OHV)
  • Bore x Stroke: 80mm x 83.4mm
  • Engine Layout: V-Twin
  • Maximum Power: 90HP (Expected)
  • Fuel Supply: Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Front Brakes: Twin Discs
  • Rear Brakes: Single Disc
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Chassis: Harris Frame with Integrated Airbox, Stressed Member Engine
  • Front Suspension: Girder Fork, Single Damper
  • Rear Suspension: Single Damper with Progressive Link
  • Front Wheel: 3.50 x 19
  • Rear Wheel: 4.00 x 19
  • Length: 2160mm
  • Width: 778mm
  • Height: 998mm
  • Wheelbase: 1530mm
  • Ground Clearance: 128mm
  • Seat Height: 760mm
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