Range Rover Electric: 16,000+ Interested Buyers

Range Rover Electric: 16,000+ Interested Buyers

The Range Rover Electric , which will go on sale later this year, has already gathered more than 16,000 interested buyers worldwide, according to the brand. Order books for Range Rover’s first EV opened in December 2023. The waiting list, however, only gives an indication of interested customers rather than a formal reservation.

The Rise of Electric Vehicles

Although Range Rover bosses have yet to give any performance details for the new model, Muller said it will have the same “go-anywhere” capability as the ICE version, and that it will offer towing, wading and all-terrain capability that will exceed any other luxury electric SUV – including the ability to wade through 850mm-deep water. The hint that the Range Rover Electric will offer performance “comparable” to the existing V8 suggests a total output of over 500-plus hp.

Interest in Range Rover Electric

The first battery-electric Range Rover will be based on the existing combustion-engined model and JLR (formerly Jaguar Land Rover) product engineering boss Thomas Muller has claimed it will be “the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever”. Preview images show that it will also retain similar styling, albeit with a few bespoke elements. It will use an 800V architecture, which will enable ultra-fast charging.

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Range Rover Electric

Key Features and Specifications

While specific details about the Range Rover Electric are yet to be revealed, it is expected to incorporate cutting-edge technology and features characteristic of the Range Rover brand. Some anticipated features and specifications of the Range Rover Electric may include:

  1. Electric Powertrain : The Range Rover Electric is likely to be powered by a high-performance electric powertrain, delivering instant torque, and also the smooth acceleration, and a silent driving experience. The electric drivetrain is expected to be offer the impressive performance while maintaining the luxurious and to refined driving characteristics associated with the Range Rover brand.
  2. Long Range : Range anxiety is a common concern among potential electric vehicle buyers. The Range Rover Electric is expected to be the address this issue by offering the long driving range on a single charge, and also providing owners with the confidence to the embark on long journeys without worrying about running out of battery power.
  3. Luxurious Interior : Range Rover vehicles are renowned for their opulent interiors crafted from premium materials and equipped with the latest technology and amenities.
  4. Off-Road Capabilities : As a Land Rover model, and the electric variant is be likely to retain the brand's legendary off-road capabilities, and also thanks to the advanced four-wheel-drive systems, terrain response modes, and adaptive suspension technology. Owners can expect the same level of versatility and confidence when venturing off the beaten path in the Range Rover Electric.
  5. Sustainable Materials : In line with the brand's commitment to sustainability, the Range Rover Electric may incorporate eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to minimize its environmental impact.
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Range Rover Electric

Implications for the EV Market

The significant interest in the Range Rover Electric has several implications for the electric vehicle market and the automotive industry as a whole:

  1. Validation of Luxury EV Segment : The strong interest in the Range Rover Electric validates the demand for electric luxury SUVs among consumers.
  2. Expanding Consumer Base : The appeal of the Range Rover Electric extends beyond traditional electric vehicle enthusiasts to luxury SUV buyers seeking performance, prestige, and sustainability.
  3. Market Disruption : The entry of Range Rover into the electric vehicle market could disrupt the status quo and challenge existing players in the luxury SUV segment.


Range Rover will build its EV at its Solihull plant alongside the existing mild- and plug-in hybrid versions. It will initially use batteries from a third-party supplier before eventually switching to packs produced in the new Somerset gigafactory that JLR parent firm Tata is planning. The turning point in the luxury SUV market's growth and adoption of electric vehicles was reached with the debut of the Range Rover Electric model, which attracted the interest of more than 16,000 potential buyers.