Price Hike Ahead for Citroen Cars in India, Including C3 and C3 Aircross SUV: Sources

Price Hike Ahead for Citroen Cars in India, Including C3 and C3 Aircross SUV: Sources

Citroen, the French automaker, is gearing up for a significant presence in the Indian market with the imminent launch of its C3 Aircross Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) by October. In a media interaction, Saurabh Vatsa, Citroen India Branch Head, shared insights into the company's ambitious plans, revealing not only the arrival of the C3 Aircross SUV but also teasing a fourth vehicle on the horizon, slated for an early launch in the following year.  According to Mr. Vatsa, production of C3 Aircross SUV has commenced at the Tiruvallur plant. Bookings will begin by September and deliveries by October. The price will be announced closer to that date. It is a mid-size SUV powered by 1.2 litre turbo petrol motor with six speed manual transmission. It comes with five plus two seats which no other vehicle in the market offers,” he said.  While refusing to divulge the production number or details about the upcoming model, he said that the plant was operating in two shifts and had enough capacity to rejig the production numbers as per the demand. “Initially, this car is meant for domestic market consumption. It has an indigenisation level of over 90% like the other models.


1. The C-cubed Platform: Foundation for Success: Citroen's foray into the Indian market has been marked by the C-cubed platform, a foundation that has proven successful with the launch of three models so far. The  Citroen C3 hatchback made its debut in 2022, followed by the electric hatchback e-C3 in 2023.

2. Strategic Expansion: Fourth Vehicle on the Horizon: Saurabh Vatsa's revelation about a fourth vehicle on the C-cubed platform, slated for an early launch next year, indicates Citroen's strategic approach to maintain momentum in the competitive Indian automotive landscape.

3. Citroen's Journey in India: Achievements and Milestones: Since its entry into the Indian market, Citroen has achieved significant milestones. The C3 Aircross hatchback and the electric hatchback e-C3 have garnered attention for their design, features, and performance.

5. Market Dynamics: Seizing the SUV Trend: The decision to introduce the C3 Aircross SUV aligns with the prevailing market dynamics in India, where SUVs continue to dominate consumer preferences.

4. C3 Aircross SUV: Features and Expectations: As the launch of the C3 Aircross SUV draws near, anticipation builds around the features and specifications that this new entrant will bring to the table.

5. Future Outlook: Citroen's Vision for the Indian Market: Citroen's announcement of a fourth vehicle on the C-cubed platform hints at a broader vision for the Indian market.

6. Consumer Engagement: Building Trust and Loyalty: In the competitive automotive market, consumer engagement is key to building trust and loyalty.

7.  Citroen's Dynamic Roadmap for India: As Citroen prepares to unleash the C3 Aircross SUV and sets the stage for a fourth vehicle in the near future, the French automaker's roadmap in India appears dynamic and forward-looking.

It will take on the likes of Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Volkswagen Taigun, Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder among others.

During 2022, Citroen sold 6,000 units in the domestic market. In the first seven months, it has sold more than 6,000 units. The company officials were hopeful of selling more than 10,000 units or double that of last year’s sales numbers. He said that dealers’ network expansion, introduction of new models and awareness enhancement would drive Citroen volume growth in India. The carmaker currently has 45 dealers, which will increase to 60 by September, 75 by year end and 150 for next year. “With the help of C3 and e-C3, we are already covering 60% of the market. After the launch of C3 SUV it would reach close to 90%,” he said.