Renault-Nissan Shifts Focus to Midsize Electric SUV

Renault-Nissan Shifts Focus to Midsize Electric SUV

Renault-Nissan is steering away from their initial plans for an entry-level A-segment electric vehicle (EV). Instead, they are setting their sights on developing a midsize electric SUV that could compete with Hyundai's Creta EV. This strategic pivot is aimed at capturing the growing market for larger, more versatile electric vehicles.

New EV Based on Advanced Platform

The upcoming electric SUV will be built on the CMF-B EV platform, an evolution of the existing CMF-B architecture designed specifically for electric powertrains. This move is part of Renault-Nissan's broader initiative to innovate and adhere to global EV standards, ensuring that their vehicles are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Pricing and Specifications

Renault-Nissan is targeting a price range of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh for this new SUV, making it an attractive option for a wide range of consumers. The vehicle is expected to offer a range of approximately 300 km per charge, which is suitable for both daily commutes and longer trips. It is likely to be equipped with an LFP battery, known for its safety and cost efficiency.

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Global Aspirations and Local Focus

The development of the SUV is not limited to the Indian market; Renault-Nissan plans for this model to have a global impact. The vehicle will feature at least 70% localization of components, which not only helps in keeping the costs down but also supports local manufacturing. Moreover, the company is contemplating a substantial export strategy to ensure the project's economic feasibility.

Project Timeline and Market Goals

While there have been some delays, development of the CMF-B EV platform is underway globally, with an anticipated market launch slated for 2026-2027. Renault-Nissan's strategy with this new electric SUV includes meeting stringent Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to avoid potential penalties. Although the company has not officially confirmed these plans, sources close to the development stress the strategic importance of this EV in the global market.

Renault-Nissan's upcoming electric SUV represents a significant shift in their approach to the EV market, focusing on a vehicle that promises to be both innovative and globally competitive.