New Bajaj Chetak Urbane to get smaller battery, 113 km range

New Bajaj Chetak Urbane to get smaller battery, 113 km range

A government document that was recently discovered provides light on Bajaj's aspirations for the Chetak Urbane, a new Chetak variation. Designed to be a more affordable alternative to the current Chetak Premium model, the Urbane version is expected to have a smaller battery, which will result in less range. Although the battery size and range specifications are still unknown, the Urbane model hopes to provide prospective consumers of electric scooters with an affordable option.

It is expected that the Chetak Urbane and the  Bajaj Chetak Premium would have a similar visual language. The iconic design elements that have made the Chetak so popular may still be present in the Bajaj, giving followers a recognizable look. The choice to release a less expensive model might draw in additional customers, particularly those wishing to switch to electric scooters without losing fashion sense or brand recognition. Manufacturers are trying out with different approaches as the electric mobility scene develops further in order to satisfy the wide range of requests from customers. Although the Chetak Urbane may be less practical in terms of range and battery capacity than its Premium cousin, the secret is to find a harm between the two.

Key Features of Bajaj Chetak Urbane

Reduced Battery Size

 The Chetak Urbane distinguishes itself with a slightly smaller 2.48kWh battery pack, providing a more economical alternative compared to the Premium variant's 2.88kWh unit.

Adjusted Range

With the downsized battery, the Chetak Urbane's claimed Inherent Depletion of Charge (IDC) range is specified at 113km. While this is a decrease from the Premium variant's 126 km figure, it still offers a practical range for daily commuting needs.

Visual Similarities

Despite the change in the battery and range, the Urbane maintains visual consistency with the Premium model. The identical body dimensions ensure that the differences in appearance between the two variants are minimal.

Weight Reduction

 The Chetak Urbane sheds some weight compared to the Premium variant, weighing in at 3kg less. This places its kerb weight at 130kg, a figure that, despite being on the higher side for an electric scooter, doesn't significantly impact the riding experience.

Cost-Effective Option

 Positioned as a more budget-friendly alternative, the Chetak Urbane caters to consumers seeking an entry point into the electric scooter market.

Urban Mobility Focus

 With a practical range, the Chetak Urbane is tailored for urban commuters, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for daily transportation needs.

Minimal Impact on Riding Experience

 Despite the weight reduction, real-world feedback suggests that the Chetak Urbane's kerb weight doesn't significantly impact the riding experience.

Bajaj Auto, a prominent player in the Indian automotive market, has been making waves in the electric scooter segment with its Chetak EV lineup. A recent government document has unveiled details about a new variant in the works – the Chetak Urbane. Positioned as a more affordable alternative to the existing Chetak Premium, the Urbane variant is expected to bring some notable changes to the table. One of the significant modifications is the implementation of a slightly smaller 2.48kWh battery pack, a departure from the Premium variant's 2.88kWh unit.  Despite the smaller battery, the Chetak Urbane still maintains a practical range, with a claimed Inherent Depletion of Charge (IDC) range of 113 km.  

In terms of appearance, the Chetak Urbane is anticipated to share visual similarities with the Premium variant. However, the Urbane distinguishes itself by shedding some weight, coming in at 3 kg lighter than the Premium. This weight reduction, coupled with the adjusted battery size, aims to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and a satisfactory riding experience. The Chetak Urbane is strategically positioned to cater to urban commuters seeking an economical yet practical electric scooter. As electric scooters gain traction in India, Bajaj's efforts to diversify its Chetak lineup are evident in the Urbane variant. Priced at Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom), the Chetak has already established itself as one of the most affordable high-quality, made-in-India electric scooters.