Mitsubishi Delica Mini Receives Design Award at Japan Car of the Year

Mitsubishi Delica Mini Receives Design Award at Japan Car of the Year

Mitsubishi Motors celebrated a significant milestone as its Delica Mini, a super height-wagon kei-car, secured the coveted Design Car of the Year title at the 2023-2024 Japan Car of the Year awards and this triumph marked Mitsubishi Motors' inaugural win of this esteemed award highlighting the exceptional design of the Delica Mini.

The organizing committee bestowed the Design Car of the Year honor upon the Delica Mini acknowledging its outstanding exterior and interior design and the vehicle's departure from the rugged front mask that characterized Mitsubishi Motors' recent design language was particularly lauded. Moreover, the remarkable monthly sales volume of the Delica Mini which surpassed that of its predecessor the eK X space highlighted the critical impact that design plays in a product's overall appeal and success. The car's accurate resemblance to the Delica moniker and its incorporation of recognizable design cues were likewise recognized.

Conceptualized as a reliable and active super height-wagon kei-car the Delica Mini draws inspiration from the Delica minivan and it seamlessly combines robust SUV styling, a spacious interior, and potent driving performance.

Design Philosophy: Daily Adventure Theme

The Delica Mini's design philosophy revolves around the theme of "Daily Adventure." The three-dimensional Dynamic Shield front design, symbolizing power and security, integrates distinctive semicircular LED position lights, delivering a dignified yet friendly Delica appearance. The front bumper and liftgate garnish proudly display an embossed Delica logo. The front and rear bumpers' bottom parts which are modeled after skid plates, and the glossy black wheel arches highlight the SUV's strength and quality while also providing a sense of protection.

The Delica Mini's cabin is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, catering to both outdoor recreation and everyday use. Its spacious interior ensures comfort even in the rear seats complemented by MI-PILOT driver assistance technology and active safety features that enhance safe driving. Because of its safe and enjoyable driving performance, especially on uneven conditions like gravel roads the automobile is a fantastic partner for a variety of activities from daily living to leisurely hobbies with family and friends. Mitsubishi's dedication to creative and aesthetically pleasing car design is further evidenced by this recognition at the Japan Car of the Year honors.